Using Cloudflare's Argo Tunnels for Remote Access

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Hey folks, here’s a guide I wrote up for using Cloudflare’s Argo Tunnels for remote access to your Home Assistant instance. If you’re looking for something other than port forwarding, VPN, or Nabu Casa - this might be worth considering.

I use this and Nabu Casa. Full guide on how to set it up using a test domain as an example. Argo Tunnels do cost $5 a month, but they can be used to tunnel other things as well, such as Proxmox, etc. Use it in conjunction with Cloudflare for Teams (I’ll write another guide later) and you’ll have your own authentication in front of it as well, using Gmail or other things.

They recently announced the availability of a free tier for Argo Tunnel. Can that be used with your guide?

Thanks for posting that. I started writing the content before that announcement. I did try it recently, but the tunnels on the free one, for me at least, were still randomly-named with new names each time, and not UUID-based. So based on my testing - not quite yet.

However, I’d assume in the coming days or weeks, this will be fixed and then this can be used with no cost. I’ll try again early next week and update the content if that works.

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Please keep us updated. This sounds really interesting.

Just saw this. Argo is really great. Just spent the best part of a day updating my hassos Cloudflare plugin to support the new Named tunnel.

Awesome @latic, when will it be out with the updates on github?

You mentioned avoiding “Cloudflare for Team” authentication for remote access as the HA app wouldn’t know how to deal with that authentication. I assume the same would be true for any incoming API requests into your HA instance, for example Google Assistant manual setup.