Using European ZWave Radiator device in the US

Hi. I live in the U.S. and have hot water radiators in my home. After much searching, the solution I found are Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats, which control a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve). Note that I don’t control the boiler, which is managed by the building … I just want to adjust the 3 radiator valves in my home.

I’m using a Zooz S2 USB stick with an RPi as my hub. The issue is I’ve just learned that ZWave products from Europe run on a different radio frequency. Unless anyone has a US-based radiator solution, can I add a 2nd European frequency Zwave hub to the RPi and just reference them separately in HA?


Not a good idea. The frequencies were chosen by the countries to minimize interference. Not sure but it may be illegal to sell other frequency devices. Aren’t the connections different as well?? One should be metric and one should be NPT/SAE.

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The very first step in this:

Find out, what for the European frequency is used in the US. It could be illegal to send radio signals on that frequency in the US, you could be disturbing other instances. That could result in fines…

European ZWave frequencies are in the same bands i believe are usually reserved for Aeronautical navigation in the US.

Theres a reason the rf frequencies are regional. Dont do it.

Hi. I appreciate all of the advice & warnings. Therefore, I would appreciate any recommendations for a similar US product to control my 3 hot water radiators and the TRV valves via (ideally) ZWave, but I’m open to Zigbee as an alternative.

Here is one. I do not know if it will work with Home Assistant.

Thanks everyone. I’ve just ordered 3 Shelly TRVs and will update with my experiences.