Using Homematic IP 6 Button Wall-mount Remote Control Unit (HmIP-WRC6) in Homeassistant

So, I had this strange thing, that I didn’t get any events from Homematic in my Homeassistant from a newly connected HmIP-WRC6 remote control unit. But why I bought it, was to control my Yeelight with Homeassistant.

Just to clear things up: I have a RaspberryMatic on a RaspberryPi3 (Homeatic CCU3).

After some research, I found out, that it seems to be, because the IP Products of Homematic does have a encrypted connection, there is no possible way to get any events out of this remote WITHOUT a direct- or program connection inside the CCU.

What I did to use this successfully in Homeassistant was, that I used the first channel (named it “WRC6-Workaround”) of the virtual adapter (HmIP-RCV-50) and connected all 6 buttons of that HmIP-WRC6 to this channel. Finished. After this, you get every button (short/long) press correctly in Homeassistant (not the HmIP-RCV-50 Events!).

The virtual HmIP-RCV-50 looks like this: chrome_WjlqaIIEFT

And the Program Connection looks like this: chrome_cSBoeaotg0

I hope this helps someone.


Thanks for mentioning it. The documentation contains a similar approach to address the same issue: homematic.keypress events for HomeMatic IP devices

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@jesc could you please resend the pictures I can’t see it. Many :+1::blush:

Hi Daniel,

weeks ago I found one of your posts regarding Homematic remote controls in HA
using custom_homematic integration.
unfortunately I can’t find it anymore.

It was about creating an automation with a HM button press as trigger, which I couldn’t find in your github documentation. I’m already using it successfuly in a regular ha automation, but I got stuck using it in (ha) node-red. I’d like to see it again to find out that there was further helpful information.

Could you be so kind to send me a link please ?

Peter K. (Frankfurt :slight_smile: )

That topic has been discussed numerous times, so I don’t know which thread you’re talking about. But you can look at my activity here and find it that way: Profile - danielperna84 - Home Assistant Community

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Finally I found it and managed to get it working.
Thank you