Using lowest flexible energy prices to activate electric boiler

Dear all,
I am just a starter in Home Assistent and am already very happy with what I have achived up to now. Reading sensors, and doing some simple automation jobs.
My goal is a lot harder to achive I guess, but maybe not for the Home Assistant Guru’s over here :slight_smile:

My case:
Some energy companies in the Netherlands offer contracts with flexible energy-tarifs. When you have a smart meter in your home (like I have), these companies can read-out your energy-usage per hour. You will then be billed for your energy-usage of each hour according to the energy-tariff of that corrensponding hour. The flexible energy-tarifs can be found on the site of the EPEX(APX).

How can I read these tarifs in Home Assistant and determine what the lowest 3 tariffs are during that day?
And how can I trigger the electric boiler on that?



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Reviving this old thread:
EPEX Spot and EEX are becoming more and more interesting to include in HA as more energy providers in more European countries adopt the tariff model to sell energy at the spot market price. Meanwhile there is aWATTar in Austria and Germany, Barry in Denmark and France and surely others that I have not yet heard of. Especially with BEVs becoming more popular I am very sure this tariff model will spread rapidly.

Doing some research this actually seems to be quite simple. aWATTar providers a free API that can be polled up to 100 times a day and delivers an EPEX prognosis for the next 24 hours.

Here is the API description:
This call shows the JSON result for the prognosis for the next 24 hours:

If you have Node RED installed within HA it is very easy to poll this data every 15 minutes and feed it into some HA sensors. So you don’t have to wait for any readymade HA integration of EPEX to be published.