Using picture elements

I will using a picture element on 2 devices, when iam adding it on one, the other device gives a grey picture.

Whats wrong

Is this with the Xbox integration?

No, iam using HA on 2 devices tablet and laptop, problem is when I create a picture card on one of them, and set it up. the card on the other device is gray. and vice versa too.

  1. You created a frontend-related thread in a wrong place - not in “Configuration → Frontend” section. No wonder the thread got so little feedback. (moved the thread to the right place by myself).
  2. Post a MINIMAL code which reproduces your issue. Also attach screenshots of “good card” & “gray card”.

Thanks for your response

  1. I created a file in the file editor with the name floorplan. There in 2 PGN files:
    AnyConv.com__PNG BG.png
    AnyConv.com__PNG 1e.png

Then added picture elements with add cards.
Then adjusted the path

then the result: gray

Check again your options.


I usually keep images in “/config/www/images” and use it as “/local/images/some_image.jpg”.

okay, config in below is the correct folder?

Try using www folder as I described earlier.
Create an “image” folder in “www” and place images there.

Soory, but where should I create the www folder?

In my case the “www” folder was created automatically when I installed HACS and then installed some frontend custom cards.
It was created with “community” subfolder; all frontend plugins (installed by HACS) appeared in that subfolder.
Later I added manually “images” & other subfolders into “www”.
Now it looks like

The “www” folder is located in “/config”.
It is addressed as “/local” in configuration.

I can’t find this, will continue another time.
Thanks for your information
good night