Using Surveillance Station action rule to set Hass presence?

OK, Hass is pretty much setup now. So I’m ready for my first automation :slight_smile: (if this even is an automation)

Running Hass as docker image on my Synology NAS.

I have a cam on surveillance station and DS Cam on my mobile detecting whether I’m home or not. I don’t want to add another location tracking app (Own Tracks) on my phone for Hass. In Surveillance Station I can set up an action rule that triggers a webhook (REST API) when arriving/leaving home. I want to use that to also set home/not_home state for persons in Hass.

How should I do this?

OK, I decided to turn this around for 2 reasons:

  • Synology Surveillance STation does not keep track of individual user home/not_home state, only the resulting state
  • DS Cam as a location tracker is draining my battery

So now I use Own Tracks only reporting when in certain zones and have it trigger a Surveillance Station action rule webhook to Enter/Leave home. Still need to figure out how to create a persons group in Home Assistant yet, to make the automation less complex.

I know you no longer want to use DS Cam as a trigger.

But if you want an example on the API I have an example on how to trigger a manual camera recording here Trigger a manual Synology Surveillance Station recording with an RF Door Sensor if it’s any help in the future.

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