Using switch bot with home assistant using WIFI

Hi, I have multiple switch bots but there very far apart. And the solutions I found for controlling them with the home assistant don’t work because they’re out of Bluetooth range. Can I use wifi with home assistant to control my switch bots?

Since the switchbot device only has bluetooth connectivity, you need to be connected to it with that only. I think you can integrate the devices outside the bluetooth range by a workaround. NO promises that this will definetly work but i think it should. You need to use a raspberry pi zero with Bluetooth running raspbian os. Then install Connect the rpi with the switch bot and the then give mqtt credentials. It will act as a bridge between the HA and switchbot through mqtt.

I haven’t tried this out but it should work in theory. You can also wait for some other advises.

I have the switch bot hub which has wifi can I connect the home assistant to that?

I cant definitely say hub will work with HA, you can check out this discussion, it has some insights.

I have the same question as maxall41, what worked for you? Thanks!

I couldn’t find a proper solution. So I just linked my switch bots to IFFT. And then used IFFT with home assistant. It does rely on the cloud and you have to pay for IFFT but it works ok.