Using the NGINX Addon to Reverse Proxy a 3rd Party App

I have a working HASS setup on a RPi, running 0.118.2. I have used the standard guide for setting up DuckDNS and a NGINX reverse proxy, which are both installed via the supervisor as addons. This all works perfectly for remote access to my Home Assistant. (And setup was impressively easy!)

I also have another app installed on a different server, available only on my internal home network on HTTP. I’d like to securely access this app externally, without using HTTP.

Seeing as NGINX is working so well, and all the certs and stuff are already setup, I’d like to configure NGINX on HASS to handle reverse proxy-ing for that additional app.

So currently:

Looking at the documentation on the addon, it looks like I could be trying However I don’t currently have anything in my /share directory.

Should I set and customize.default="nginx_proxy_default.conf"… then create that file and fill it out as per standard NGINX documentation?

Most importantly, if I do this, will it overwrite the existing config and break my existing reverse proxy?

Any and all help is appreciated!

I’m using the Home Assistant Community Add-on: Nginx Proxy Manager
with this add on it is much easier to set up the proxy

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Thanks! Your reply jogged my memory of this add-on from when I was first setting up SSL.

I installed it, and it took me a bit of playing around, but I did manage to get the Nginx Proxy Manager to be a drop in replacement for the official add-on. This was perfect for me, because I could mess around with the new add-on risk free, knowing that I could fall back on the official add-on if I broke anything!

Now I can play around with adding extra rules to support the additional reverse proxy required.