Vacuum Interactive Map Card

You have to treat these boxes as a starting point, now you can adjust outlines manually:

thanks. That makes alot of sense. I dont seem to have the path code. I assume thats the best option for odd shaped rooms?

I dont seem to have the path code.

That’s because you have overridden modes section. You can create an additional (temporary) card, without generating rooms in it. You will get Path when changing platform to setup.

I assume thats the best option for odd shaped rooms?

Actually all outlines have to be generated by “Path” mode (because of different type of data)


Thank you very much for this card, I am using it for months now and everything works well.
I would like to make a notify(.notify) automation to notify house members when executing room cleaning from the card but unfortunately can’t find any state attributes for the segment cleaning IDs. Is this only one-way? I mean - only sending a command to the vacuum to clean a specific segment or thru the card but no state attributes on which room is being vacuumed?

maybe is there a way through the card configuration?
Help please :slight_smile:
Thank you very much

What I do is a bit different but could be used for what you are thinking. I created a JSON file from the imported map, it looks like this:

    "rooms": [
            "name": "kitchen",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_kitchen",
            "id": "17"
            "name": "dining_room",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_dining_room",
            "id": "16"
            "name": "foyer",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_foyer",
            "id": "18"
            "name": "laundry",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_laundry",
            "id": "20"
            "name": "living_room",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_living_room",
            "id": "19"
            "name": "master_bedroom",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_master_bedroom",
            "id": "21"
            "name": "master_bathroom",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_master_bathroom",
            "id": "22"
            "name": "guest_bathroom",
            "boolean": "input_boolean.vac_guest_bathroom",
            "id": "23"

I use a template REST sensor to read that JSON file into a sensor called sensor.roborock_rooms.

## Roborock Rooms 
- platform: rest
  name: roborock_rooms
  value_template: "{{ now() }}"
    - rooms

My GUI has several buttons which I can push to create a list of the segments in a script and a button to trigger that vacuum script. The script among other things does at least this:

  - service: xiaomi_miio.vacuum_clean_segment
      segments: |
        {% set vacrooms = namespace(roomid=[]) %}
        {% for rooms in state_attr('sensor.roborock_rooms','rooms') -%}
          {% if is_state(rooms.boolean,'on') %}
            {% set room = %}
            {% set vacrooms.roomid = vacrooms.roomid + [room] %}
          {% endif %}
        {%- endfor %}
        {{ vacrooms.roomid }}
      entity_id: vacuum.roborock_vacuum_a15
mode: single
icon: mdi:robot-vacuum

This builds a list of “rooms” by id for the segment vacuum. A trace would look like this:

Executed: December 26, 2022 at 2:19:41 PM
  domain: xiaomi_miio
  service: vacuum_clean_segment
      - '17'
      - '16'
      - vacuum.roborock_vacuum_a15
      - vacuum.roborock_vacuum_a15
running_script: false
limit: 10

You could easily add to the script do some notifications but I do not think you can tell if you go from the first segment to the second if that is what you want. It might be possible to send the command to clean a segment one at a time and monitor the status if it is returning to the base, if there are still more segments then stop and send the next clean segment. Not sure. Seems like a lot of work. I can check later as maybe there is a state change when moving between segments.


Do you want to have a notification when you start cleaning a specific room manually or whenever specific room is cleaned (e.g. during full cleanup)?

Case 1:

    - platform: event
      event_type: call_service
        domain: xiaomi_miio
        service: vacuum_clean_segment
          segments: [16]
          entity_id: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum

Case 2:
Add vacuum_room in configuration of Map Extractor and base your automation on vacuum_room attribute of camera entity.

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Does anyone here have a Roborock S5 with Valetudo that is willing to help me with finding the coordinates for calibration?

You can try to use this fork: GitHub - tobi1449/Home-Assistant-custom-components-Xiaomi-Cloud-Map-Extractor at dev-valetudo

Thanks for the replay.
I have tried Case 1, the automation is not working. I have changed entity_id only because segments id 16 is configured as my bedroom.
I tried launching it from the card by the map modes and also executing call service thru developer tools and still automation is not triggered.

Also tried Case 2 with vacuum_room already configured, nice but also depends on how long is interval, for me is every 30s so it could be too late :slight_smile:

Was this reply meant for me? :blush:

This trigger highly depends on vacuum you use. You can check out data that will work for you by listening to call_service event in dev tools. You can also post config of your map card to make it possible for me to help you.

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Yup. This fork should be able to retrieve map image from Valetudo without ICantBelieveItsNotValetudo. It seems that it has config flow as well, so you should be able to configure it without yaml.

Great, I found out what was the issue by listening to call_service - the segment’s id is going with commas.


Automation triggered :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

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Well, I do have the map image from ICantBelieve… but that lacks coordinates.

I tried to set them up manually, but its just guessing so not really effective.

I will try the above mentioned component.

It seems that ICBINV is kind of “deprecated”, you can check out this discussion:

You can also try to figure out your calibration with ICBINV manually by trial and error method, similarly to this approach: Map calibration in Xiaomi Home · PiotrMachowski/lovelace-xiaomi-vacuum-map-card Wiki · GitHub

So, I’ve tried the component, unfortunately no config-flow, still needed YAML for it (and ofc I couldn’t make it work).

I was looking at the links from your wiki and the information looks quite thorough with the map and all, however I wonder, it asks for 2 coordinates. One for the vacuum and one for the map.
Getting the vacuum coordinates seem simple enough, however how will I know what corresponds to what on the map? (my apologies for these questions)

Have you installed version from dev-valetudo branch?

Yaml should probably look like this:

Map coordinates are just coordinates on the image, you can check them out by saving a map image and opening it in any image editor

Hi!, if someone can help me, i’m trying to create outline selection but can’t make it work, reading the documentations says that in edit menu copy the coordinates:

but then says an error “Each point of room must have 2 parameters”

here is my code (It is my first time using this card), y would love to have rooms and then area selector

type: custom:xiaomi-vacuum-map-card
  camera: camera.robotina_rendered_map
    - vacuum:
        x: 25500
        'y': 25500
        x: 466
        'y': 1889
    - vacuum:
        x: 26500
        'y': 26500
        x: 730
        'y': 1625
    - vacuum:
        x: 25500
        'y': 26500
        x: 466
        'y': 1625
  - template: vacuum_clean_segment
      topic: valetudo/robotina
      - id: '1'
        outline: [[23736, 31768, 24325, 32409]]
          text: Bedroom
          x: 24030
          'y': 32100
          offset_y: 35
          name: mdi:bed
          x: 24030
          'y': 32050
entity: vacuum.valetudo_robotina
vacuum_platform: Hypfer/Valetudo
  topic: valetudo/robotina

Create a new card, without map_modes section and change platform to Setup decimal. To create a path select Path mode

I saw that there were replies about mop/water level for cleanup
Is this still active? I have a Q7Max+ and mop icon is not showing + Zones are missing. Can you help me?

I am a developer but no idea where to start with customizations