Vacuum Widget

If you go to http://your_appdaemon_url:5050/custom_css/img/rr.png, does it show the image?

And if you are not using my influxdb widget, you don’t need the influxdb-latest.js, plotly-latest.min.js, graph.yaml files and the basegraph folder. These files are for another widget.

i can see the robo pic wghen i call the address directly

EDIT: I had to restart appdaemon :slight_smile: I guess it needs to be restarted to “include” created folders… everything works well now :slight_smile:

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Great! Can you post a screenshot so I can see how it looks with the default skin? I might need to add more skin mappings so you can change the colors of the text etc.

And does the fan speed, start cleaning and return to dock buttons work for the gen 1?

sorry i had no time, but i see you guys are doing great :wink:

Couldn’t test the functionality yet but sensors work so commands will also do I guess.any idea how to get the map in dashboard? I created generic camera …I can see the map in Hass but not dashboard … I use camera widget but it shows no pic


Works if I take the local pic which is pulled via script from the robo

The sensor texts were a bit off for the default skin, so I have adjusted the widget now to position the cleaned area text etc to fit the skin. You need to replace the basevacuum.css and basevacuum.html files from my repository (they are updated) and the widget should look like its intended to do. Also, the button in the middle (the laser housing) wouldn’t work without these changes.

By the way @thundergreen , how do you get the map image from the vacuum cleaner?

the url you use for the camera needs to be a working url.
so test it in a browser.

secondly, if you did set ssl in dashboard then you can use ha without ssl

third make sure that you have cleared cashe from your browser and that the dashboard recompiles. (for instance through a restart from AD with the right settings) or by typing

behind your dashboard url

My robot is rooted and I use valetudo to get those images …if u want I can guide u

And my s looks much better now

Second map is used even with valetudo API

Looks much nicer

Many thanks …I’ll post my dashboard once it’s finished…as I’ll use zoned cleaning etc …

I went another way to control my robot… Tips and recommendations welcome

P.s. why can’t we show simple sensor data? Would like to show battery info etc! EDIT: a look in the wiki and I would see there’s sensor …15419787765984869992214989707389|666x500

PS and off topic why I don’t see a fluent stream for my foscam …just few pics …I’d say one per second

because of the limitations that foscam gives to other things then its own optimized app, and because of network speed, tablet, speed, browser load, etc.
so actually not 1 thing but several things cause the lagging.
for instance i noticed that its way faster on my pc then on a cheap tablet.

and also remember, you do retrieve that data from the foscam with home assistant on an rpi, then you send it forward to the dashboard.

I’m using it on an Intel nuc i3 so way faster …hmm…I might deinstall the foscam app on my phone …I already removed it from Hass Frontend…I’ll revert …thanks so far

I found the valetudo repo. Where did you find the instructions for rooting?

I played a bit with hadashboard and I’m very happy with my result …I’ll not use th widget even if it’s very nice (map is strange like this because I interupted the cleaning process by lifting the robot then rotates the map and it looks like this )

Could someone help me to make the right templating for cleaned area and total clean time ?

Here the result

i guess you got sensors in HA and want to get other data from that.
im not really the guy for that (i would write an app for it)
but i think you get better answers when you ask exactly what you want to do in the configuration area from the forum.

You got the other attributes to display correct, so you should only need to enter the entity_id and the attribute name like:

    widget_type: sensor
    entity: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner.cleaning_time  

So no need for a template.

I need the correct format for the cleaning time in hours and the cleaning are in m². But I’d open a new post … but if I could have an app for this fir appddaemon…that would be fine also …another question…when I made the vacuum dashboard …the margins of the camera changed and I had to change them manually…is there a reason for this bahaviour?

an app wouldnt be that difficult.
something like:

def initialise(self):

def cb(...):
  # new provides the value, make the calculations you want to change

of course this is pseudocode.

i really dont understand that question. margins where, which margins?