Valetudo Vacuums Map Camera for Home Assistant

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 18.36.37

while the SVG format is this:

Curious - it’s almost like the SVG boundaries are not recognised.

Can you check the SVG file itself to see if the canvas size (usually defined in the root element, SVG after all is just XML) fits the various element positions? It’s possible the canvas is defined as the top third while the whole image is much larger.

mmmm great observation I will check and let you know :wink:

Well you was right… the trick was to define the size of the SVG now the image is fully display :wink: hope soon to release the new version fully tested.

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@fonix232 I’m sorry but at the moment there is a more important thing in progress this SVG export function will be implemented as soon I can make the camera to work in multiprocessing mode. There is an open discussion in progress on the GitHub of the repository for this… The SVG creation is quite important too… as per the next step is to eventually make so that the card receive the SVG as background and then just paths and other related images data that will overlap the SVG.

@Gmherr2 with the new release of the camera v1.5.7 the camera processing is moved to a different thread. This should avoid that Proxmox delay home assistant. On my server it is running very well and CPU is constant at max 3%, on PI4 about 13%. Hope this modification can help. Sorry for taking so long, and if you are interested still to test this camera much appreciated.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 19.21.37
two vacuums running at the same time and no issue on Proxmox VE tested 4GB RAM and also 2GB RAM… the VE uses 2 cores.

V1.5.8 is out and hope you all will enjoy it :wink:

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It finally happened, still working on it but the auto zoom of the segments currently in cleaning will be available on v1.5.9 of witch the rc1 is already available. Before to officially release this there are still lot of checks to do but of course the code available at today passed the most of them. Probably within tomorrow there will be available also an rc2 version (including a fix for the migration and the possibility to enable or disable the zoom function.
Indeed to do not affect the dashboards (my one are just test dashboards) will set the image size to be always as at camera startup :wink:
The aspect ratio of the images will be configurable between v1.5.9 and v1.6.0… for sure the SVG export will work since v1.5.9.

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Well, Everybody… once again tanks a lot!

I’m happy to see that we arrived at 50 starts on Github. The new functions introduced in the last versions are working well.

  • We can set up the images to be shown at the image rate we like, this is helping to improve the output and keep the dashboards clean.
  • We can also change the Fonts on the Vacuums Status text, and as soon HA is setup in a different language (till now we support AR, CZ, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JP, NL, NO, PL, RU and zh-Hant… for more coming soon… if you want to contribute you are welcome) translating the status of the vacuums. We show also the battery charge state on the status text.
  • We recently updated the rand256 image_handler to support also the cleaned areas (changing colours). Unfortunately, no auto zoom for rand256 users yet.
  • We also added on the last (at today 2024.04.03), the possibility to offset the images. Clean the images when presenting Lidar imperfections.

Soon will work on the new versions to clean the code and probably add support for the multi-floor option provided already by the card (that incase of one vacuum is used instead of more than one… well rare but possible scenario… probably will be implemented). And I didn’t forget about the possibility to export SVG’s although there are projects out there that actually do it :wink:

Writing this and here is more than other to say… stay tuned.

Just released the 2024.05.0 that in preparation for HA 2024.5. We did some small refactoring and fixed some rendering issue (the rotation of the robots with Rand256 is now calculated correctly).

Also implemented some thread for the snapshot and the conversion of the image to binary (this should help and I got on Proxmox quite a good result actually).

In the next release I’d like to review the room outline calculation for Hypfer Vacuums, as per we the Rand256 method. Will also check if it is possible to add the room id to the colours configuration could be more easy :wink:

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2025.05.01 Was released yesterday with a bunch of fixes and also the changes on the room outlines for Hypfer Vacuums that actually is somehow improved using the same logic we use for Rand256.
Was also released a video showing the performances of the camera on the Proxmox environment.

Thanks to our fantastic small but proactive community we could fix a couple of things in the last days and got some advice as well.

Wouldn’t be easier to change the colours of the rooms knowing if the room 2 or 3 are actually the Living Room or the Bath Room?

Stay tuned, we will check if we can implement it and come back soon :wink: Also… about exporting the maps directly from this camera… well we didn’t ignore it, but after some careful consideration I think to open a different project for it (although there are by the way other projects already doing it) → this camera is just to facilitate the integration of the vacuums in Home Assistant.

Should I open a new issue for this warning?

2024-05-06 12:01:29.440 WARNING (MainThread) [] Updating valetudo_vacuum_camera camera took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:03

@tom_l I just released the 2024.05.3 if the issue persist please open an issue for it I would be happy to work on it :wink: I would need however some more details.

On this release I fixes some issues coming from the 2024.05.2, in general both new version’s are having a new function that will allow you guys to adjust the description of the Rooms Colours in order to easy identify the room colour to change. I would also point out that this new function will do the rename of the rooms description based on your local language settings.
Also if you have more than one vacuum it will take the rooms name for the Vacuum Camera you selected.

Home assistant 2024.6.0 is going to be release soon. In this version of Home Assistant there will be a change on the base package, the MQTT:


is replaced by HassKey instead.

This implementation works only on HA 2024.6.0, none earlier than this can support this modification.
The camera version 2024.06.1 is already publish an HACS will prompt for updating the camera as soon it detect you are running HA 2024.6.0.

Not even the beta core version, 2024.6.bx?

even with the bx of course. But there is on HACS a limit to download it as per the camera before HA version won’t work with the modification done. :wink: this why I wrote requires 2024.6.0.

Thanks to @tom_l the recent updates to the Valetudo Vacuum Camera involve enhancing file writing operations to be asynchronous. Includes refactoring existing functions, updating logging for better IO issue tracking, and improving the handling of JSON extraction for the image data. Those changes are already available on the release 2024.06.3. Still a lot to do… in any cases I hope you all will enjoy.

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