Valetudo - Xiaomi Vacuum Dustcloud alternative, Live Maps


Yes correct, I put username root and nothing in password. It does later ask for the password but not asks to convert


Can confirm S50 firmware 1780 with a patched rrlogd has persist map. No more 500 errors when in charge mode.


Putty needs the private key, id_rsa, not . The should have been patched into your firmware file when you rooted the robot.The openSSH server on the robot verifies a challenge signed with id_rsa using Hope this helps.


The guys over at Valetudo have released quite a big update, with better Map View, Carpet mode etc.

I have just reflashed Rosie to the newer firmware 1792, just remember firmwares above 1518 need the rrlogd patching on the Gen2.


?? version 0.2 beta was released 19 days ago :frowning:


It’s a heads up for people who might not track the GitHub. No one has posted on this thread in 2 months.


ahh :wink: got it


Hi thanks for bringing this up.

I rooted now long ago, and I forgot which user password I used (lol) … I can access with SSH the vacuum, but login … any idea on what my options are?


If you just want to update and you can still log in through SSH follow:

Otherwise just create new SSH Keys and re-perform the firmware build / flash.
You just need to know your IP address of the Vacuum and your access token.
I had to perform this last night as I had lost my SSH key.

As per


Will do as a last resort.

Default User should be root correct? Is there any default password in installation?


root is correct. Your password is what ever you setup when creating your SSH Key.

Luckily to reupload new firmware you don’t need that information. You create a new Key while doing the firmware and then you upload it with the IP address and access token.


How did you get on @Klagio?