Variable in Card Title


is it possible to add a variable to the cards title? I want to show the actual number of wifi clients followed by the table

EDIT: The variable is still there (with the correct value) but didn´t shown up

Thanks for any help and/or ideas


This would be great for a clean dashboard look


Did you find a solution?

Possible solutions:

  1. Create a stack of two cards: Markdown card + Entities card.
    The markdown supports templates. Use card-mod or own markdown styles to select a font-size, bold font etc.
    The stack may be made by using custom:stack-in-card to remove a border between cards.

  2. Use Entities card only. Add a “::before” pseudoclass with any required templated info to the card’s header (goto card-mod thread → 1st post → link at the bottom → post about using “::after” for header).

  3. Place the whole Entities card into custom:config-template-card and specify a template for the title (the worst solution since you’ll need to list all monitored entities - ref. docs for config-template-card).