Velbus integration - removing a device

Does anyone know how to remove a Velbus device in the Velbus integration?

I have replaced a Velbus device by another in my installation (a VMBGP1 by a VMBEL4).
When I reload the Velbus configuration in the Velbus integration, Home Assistant discovers the new device, fine. But the old device is not removed from the integration, and I get errors messages in the HA logs.
Thank you

I think this is something to do with cleaning the HA (Velbus) cache
But I’m not sure


Is this along the same lines as you’re thinking?

Hello Stuart,
Yes, the other message is actually also from me.
This message is to know how to remove a Velbus device.
The other message concerns the clear_cache… but it seems the clear_cache is the solution to the problem.
Thank you

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