Velux and somfy integrations


I’m very new to this and are trying to set up some things at my home. We recently bought a house that already had Velux electric window shaders and Somfy sun blinds.

I don’t think there are any sort of hubs/gateways but both are controlled with remotes (guess rf).

Down to my questions, can I control them from my home assistant? What kind of rf device do I need (if it’s rf)? Maybe they are proprietary?

Any help is appreciated!



I don’t know about Somfy, but as for Velux, HA supports using KLF200

Here is a good community thread on Velux (probably be better to start at the end and work backwards):

Thanks, read some of it but I’m not sure what setup I have. Are you familiar with the Velux component? Guess I can ask the question in the suggested thread but start here.

I’m quite sure I don’t have a KLF 100/200 unit, so the remote probably controls the blinds directly. Is that even possible…? :slight_smile:

The small square shaped remotes that have an up button, down button and stop button, should have been shipped with the shades and yes you can control the blinds directly with these remotes.
Using the KLF200 to control the shades with HA, you can still use the remotes to control the shades directly.

Sweet, can I also emulate the remote and use a RFXtrx433E to send up and down commands, as well as trigger the “remote” depending on weather, temperature etc or do I need a KLF 200 then?

In the U.S. the Velux remotes use 2.4GHz. I think, but not certain, that in Europe it uses 868MHz. It uses the protocol, so again less certain that RFXtrx433E would support that.

For Somfy, you’ll have an RF remote with an up/down and select button. That remote can be configured to control multiple drapes/blinds. You can either program that remote into an RF device that you integrate to HA…OR

You can pick this up, which acts as a second remote, and connects to WiFi, it’s not cheap though:

Once connected you can use the Somfy MyLink integration:

You only need 1 MyLink for everything you have that’s Somfy.


Hi, I got overwhelmed with HA so at that point I gave up (also with a newborn it didn’t make it easier) :slight_smile:

Anyway, since the MyLink is about €200 I’m thinking it’s maybe an option to program a RF device. Do you know one that’s supported by HA? And also, is it pretty straightforward to program the RF controller to to RF device/transmitter?