Venetian Blind Icons

I just wanted to share the custom Venetian blinds icons I made



How can I setup a card similar to the one you show here?

Here is the lovelace yaml for that card. As you can see it uses the slider-entity-row custom card.

- type: entities
  title: Coverings
    - entity: cover.left_window_33
      name: Left
      type: custom:slider-entity-row
    - entity: cover.center_window_34
      name: Center
      type: custom:slider-entity-row
    - entity: cover.right_window_35
      name: Right
      type: custom:slider-entity-row
    - type: divider
    - entity: cover.bedroom_window_40
      name: Bedroom
      type: custom:slider-entity-row
    - entity: cover.office_window_41
      name: Office
      type: custom:slider-entity-row 

@jcrowegitHu8 how did you set up the slider-entity-row? I am trying to add it, but I just get the custom element doesn’t exist error?

edit: nevermind, I got it working

I’ve been trying to get this working for 2 weeks.
It seems like my if statements in my customize_glob.yaml file aren’t working.
I can put the file directory there and not have the if statements and it works…but it just has that picture and not a dynamic one.

entity_picture: >
if (state === ‘closed’) return ‘/local/blinds_00.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 10) return ‘/local/blinds_10.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 20) return ‘/local/blinds_20.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 30) return ‘/local/blinds_30.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 40) return ‘/local/blinds_40.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 50) return ‘/local/blinds_50.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 60) return ‘/local/blinds_60.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 70) return ‘/local/blinds_70.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 80) return ‘/local/blinds_80.png’;
if (attributes.current_position <= 90) return ‘/local/blinds_90.png’;
return ‘/local/blinds_99.png’;

So I copy the icons to /www/
create new file “customize_glob.yaml”
add resources to ui edit page

Create card like the example

- type: entities
  title: Coverings
    - entity: cover.left_window_33
      name: Left
      type: custom:slider-entity-row

Anfo not show the icon on the screen
Show only the old one mdi:blind

What I miss?

Using 102.3HA version

Did you actually install and setup the custom_ui per their github page?

I’m back on version 94 HA, so I can’t say if something has changed that may be breaking your version of 102.3HA.

What version of HA are you on? If you got this working could you post how so other may benefit.

These are great and also useful for roller blinds (in my opinion)
Well done and my thanks too.

Have you submitted these into materialdesignicons ?
That way they will eventually end up in every HA instance

I did not find a solution. I was able to use the cutom_ui and have a single .png file as the icon but as soon as I introduced if statements to the customize_glob.yaml / config.yaml file it goes blank with no icon being displayed. Which leads me to believe the issue is with the if statement. Running Home Assistant 0.101.2

Great suggestion…No I have not, It’s not really clear how I submit the 5 icons, or what formats they should be in. This information doesn’t specify much

Can you offer any guidance on how to submit them? Inputting the info and clicking become a contribute doesn’t seem to do anything.

Sorry not done that myself, try just Googling it

@Tinkerer, sorry to tag you, but can you help ?
I think Blackbird’s blind icons would be a very good addition AND
We could always appeal to his good nature if we need a particular icon for some use in future :smiley: :smiling_imp: :blush:

We have a homeassistant icon on there so ‘we’ must have a path ?

I realise how cheeky I’m being here but I think he/she has a really useful skill that I (for one) think, the output of which, should reach a wider audience.

Sure, I can say submit the icons to MDI, then wait for a release. Then submit a PR to have Home Assistant use that new version (as was done here)…

The contribute page specifies 4 format options (Illustrator, Expression, Affinity, SVG) which they provide templates for, and that submissions are through their GitHub.

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Thanks, :smiley:

Blackbird, I assume that will give you enough to progress.
I really hope to see your work available in native HA :smile: