Vertical Stacked Navigation Card

A custom Home Assistant card for displaying a vertical stacked navigation with optional sub-navigation.

Screenshot 2023-04-10 105210
Screenshot 2023-04-10 104829


  • Define navigation items
  • Set custom icons and names for each link
  • Add sub-navigation to nav items
  • Set active and hover color for nav items and sub-items

Example Usage in a custom Dashboard in combination with Card-Mod & layout-card


Sounds interesting, but the card doesn’t show up in HACS for me:

then try to click the 3 dots ( u know where ) choose “custom repository” , ADD above repo


Duh - not that I haven’t done this a dozen time before :wink:

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I was looking for long time for a proper navigation card and i am so thankful that i have now found one. The customization options are great and you can fit it to any theme. Here is a small screenshot of how it looks on my dashboard:

Perhaps a suggestion from my side. If you look on the right side of the screenshot, i am using the entity fold card in which if you unfold, you will find all the individual lights for each room but by creating groups of each room’s lights you can put a toggle on the unfolded header.

There are many times, that i find myself in need to switch off an entire room (group) and i believe that this can be done from the navigation if that toggle is added. So, for each navigation item, an entity to toggle could be added. It maybe a group (like in my case, or a scene, or a script / automation basically, anything that each one of us needs to do really fast without reaching to specific views on their dashboard.

It would also allow the user to take quick actions from any view on their dasboard. For example, from my living room view, i switch off the kids rooms lights that they so much like to leave on all the time :slight_smile:

I hope you can consider this recommendation but nevertheless i would like to thank you for this card! It’s awesome!