Very Basic Question on configuration.yaml editing?

Perhaps a stupid question but here we go

I’ve just got HA setup, and I’ve ran into my first problem in that a few Outlets I’ve added only show up as switches in HomeKit. I cam across this thread with a fix (Well, I’d say more of a workaround)

Everyone is saying what to change in the yaml file, but my configuration.yaml is almost completely blank. Am I missing something?

What are “everyone” saying to change?

The use of include files is somewhat recent in Home Assistant. Without include files my configuration.yaml would be a couple of hundred lines long. Chances are that the changes you need are inside one of the include files.

BTW, I have never seen or used Homekit.

Edit- I just Googled Homekit. Now I know why I’ve never seen or used Homekit. The only Apple device in my home is my wife’s company iPhone. And even that will be history at the end of the year when she retires.

Hi there!

There won’t be anything in your configuration.yaml by default.

You’ll need to add the following lines by yourself.

  - filter:
        - # any entity you'd like to include in homekit
        - light.living_room
    entity_config: # entity you'd like to change
        type: outlet # kind of device to appear as, (

You could configure your Homekit setup in two ways:

  1. Configure a single Homekit hub via YAML (as above). Any devices you want to add will need to be added on a new line with the include_entities.
  2. Configure a YAML Homekit hub (as above) AND setup a Homekit hub via the UI. For devices you want to change the type of, configure them in YAML. For everything else, configure via the UI bridge. This makes to easier to add devices that you don’t want to change the type of.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can elaborate or help further!

Thanks! That makes sense now. So the configuration file is in addition to the main configuration which you can’t view. Strange, but I get it now. I was just expecting a full config file

So I have already have HomeKit setup, is I do the following for example, it would all work as expected, but the single device would be altered?

     entity_config: # entity you'd like to change
        type: outlet # kind of device to appear as, (

So there I’ve deleted the filter, is that okay?

Next question would be, how do I tell the name of the device? I see you have but I don’t see anything in that format on my device