Very simple smart home

I would like to start with very simple scripts
1 Turn on|off Projector+receiver+Nvidia Shield, TV+receiver+Nvidia Shield as I see the problem that I need to send signals via IR and Bluetooth
2 Add automated swith off same devices if no activity
3 Add light managment

What equipment I need to make step 1 only?

In home automation model number and geography matter. Model number because sometimes even the same devices can do things wildly differently even at something even seemingly insignificant as a model change and geography because of device availability, power and radio requirements.

So what exactly are your devices.

So what projector
What tv
What receiver
(we know how to deal with a shield TV)

Where are you located (country)
Do you have anything pre existing?

Receiver Harman Kardon AVR 3000
Projector EH-TW6700
TV Samsung do not remember model 51 inch 2010 year production

I have wired and Wi-Fi network, computer running Ubuntu 24|7
Would be greate to have new smart devices wireless.

Projector: use an Infrared-Blaster like one from Moes (tried it successfully on my own)
Broadlink has also some Wifi ones like the broadlink rm3 mini which works very resilliently for 4+years in my setup (but setup is really a pain in the butt)

Nvidia Shield:
it looks like it can be somehow integrated since it is Android. (havent tried)
There seem to be many topics about this here too:

TV: some can be integrated, some not. Look up if it can be added without problems.
See: Samsung Smart TV - Home Assistant
Sony Bravia TV - Home Assistant

Basically what you need to consider: when having IR-controlled devices you sometimes can not determine if they are on or not. Use a smart outlet to determine if something is on or on standby.
See screenshot on my “dumb” AV Receiver as an example:

Thank you.
Am I understand you correctly that I do not need any phisical device to manage Shield?
It is in my network but is it possible to wake it up via network?

I dont know. Just do your own research in this forum etc and look it up since I told that there are some topics about this.

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As far as I remember… The Shield device doesn’t support WoL. (so not traditional wake on Lan) but… It does support Android Debug Bridge which should support the wake command (should. I don’t own one and haven’t tested this)

There’s an Android debug Bridge integration for HA :slight_smile:

This works…Shields also supports the ADB POWER command as well.

Remote method


ADB method


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