VidaMount On-Wall Tablet Mount

Has anyone came across VidaMount on-Wall Tablet Mount?

There’s a video for installation instruction.

Granted, the price for the on-wall mount seem a bit high, but it seems careful attention has been put into for fitting specific tablets in.

But if I could do that, let’s say I’m going to buy an Amazon Fire 7" tablet, I could use a PoE-to-USB adapter:

I can have the PoE-enabled switch keep the tablet powered up.

If I can root and install a custom ROM, I could install an application called “Fully Task Browser Lockdown” from the Play Store and run HADashboard as a web application!

With all that said, what do you guys think of the VidaMount that I linked above? At least I don’t have to buy some power tools, some wood, and a glue as the Vida Mount seems to be well-polished. Plus, it allows the camera to be exposed, allowing me to turn a touch screen into a webcam that can be tracked by Home Assistant.

In my opinion, I think there should be a market for tablet enclosures that fit different tablets besides iPads which are price-prohibitive.

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