Video doorbell without cloud?


same price as ring, but you dont have to buy cloud subscription. You cant even see ring video in HASS


The need for an android phone makes that approach less ideal, as I don’t have one. I suppose I can try to get an old one just for this but that seems excessively complicated just to make a doorbell work…,


Use an android emulator in your pc. And there is an ios app.


I thought that would be the case. Hopefully HA will get this functionality at some point soon given that it is a core feature of smart homes these days…


Having looked around, I think I’m going to either a) just use an off the shelf cloud solution, most likely a Nest, or b) go full-DIY and build my own around an RPi. Haven’t quite decided yet.


I currently use a RPi Zero with camera module and then a Xiaomi wireless button and gateway. The button triggers an automation to play a chime on the gateway, pause any media I have playing and also grab a snapshot from the camera and send it to me. If I long press the the button it turns the front outside light on which is helpful when I come home late at night in an uber… drunk… :joy:


My home brew system is based off what I already had at the door tied together with home assistant via a sonoff 433mhz bridge flashed with espurna. My swann doorbell is 433mhz, when the bridge gets the button press I get a notification with a screenshot from the foscam above the door. A doorbell mp3 also plays on my google home mini (my swann doorbell receiver is a bit deaf sometimes). It’s not as fancy a system as nest or ring but was cool weekend project using stuff I already had.


I just bought one of these:

It arrived yesterday, and seems to work well so far. Ordered from TomTop but was shipped from the UK and arrived within a week.


I have a Raspberry Pi which pulls a photo off of my UniFi camera and sends it to me via Telegram when the button is pushed.

I used existing doorbell button and the wiring back to the transformer to connect to the Pi, but any button would work.



Is there a way to integrate a chime to it without HA, just in case the hub is down?



yes, you can trigger a standard chime. I think there’s a diagram in the manual


thanks juan,

however i did not find anything listed on the manual of this model DS-KB6403-WIP when following your link.

Did not find anything on the manual. do not know what’s im missing.


will this connect to HASS?


I was about to get one of these and hack it for HA.
I couldn’t find any information on it.
Does it have an API or web interface?
Is the camera always on (can add it to NVR), etc


Yes, interested in that one too !

Looking for a doorbell that works right with HA (no MQTT, no cloud…). I can deliver power to the doorbell so batteries ain’t needed, video is nice but I could live without, and I wish it could trigger the door latch.
WiFi range should be ok.


What’s your beef with mqtt? (Just curious).


Not against MQTT itself, but I’d like to limit the gateways and middleware.

And, with my configuration, adding USB keys or devices (bluetooth for instance) is complicated. HA runs on a virtual machine, amongst other on a large ESXi server. Adding USB devices might get unstable (problems after reboot).

I managed to have mostly direct-WiFi devices : broadlink SC1/MP1, WiFi thermostat…
I couldn’t avoid a gateway for door sensors, but the Xiaomi is integrated well.

So I’d like to have WiFi direct.


Any luck to integrate this to HA?


No I never figured it out :0(


I did get it going.
I hacked the ‘ding dong’ and put a ASP in it. I detect when the LED lights (when someone rings doorbell) and then send a MQTT to HA.

If anyone is interested ill put on github