Video doorbell without cloud?


I’d like to get a video doorbell, but I’d strongly prefer one that doesn’t require cloud access, but, rather, runs everything locally. Motion detection ability would also be nice.

I don’t have an existing doorbell, so tying into that is a non-issue.

Someone on another group mentioned Skybell and Doorbird.

Looking around, is Skybell really cloud-less? It seems like you have to go through their cloud. Am I missing something there? I’m also seeing lots of issues with it. Anyone have good results with this device?

The Doorbird one seems to do the trick, but it also seems very industrial and expensive…

Ideally, I’d like video feed, button, and motion sensor events, that I can then tie into automations. But they need to be fast - even a few seconds delay seems too long.


Pi zero plus cam plus a push button.


The electronics are easy, making the enclosure weatherproof and attractive isn’t.


True. And not all of us have a 3D printer to make it look nice.


I have used a couple of times to get 3d prints. And to find a ready template. Works great


I actually do…

But that’s more of a project than I was envisioning. Still, something to ponder.

I’d still prefer an off the shelf solution…


you can buy cheap weatherproof enclosures from China via sites like Aliexpress. Fit the Rpi into it, add some IR LED’s for night vision (some even have these already built in


Yeah i was just looking at thingiverse and there are some reasonably tidy cases such as this:

The downside is the power cable in that design. In fact power supply is a big downer with anything you want to put on the outside of the house!


you could use a full size RPi (with Ethernet) and then use a POE splitter, run Ethernet to it and get the best of both worlds


Good plan.


My concern is also with weatherproofing. It’s non-trivial to make water proof prints.

Still, I did just get a spool of CF Nylon that’d work well for this…

What about motion detection though? Is there something that can be run off the shelf and send motion alerts? Maybe over MQTT?


use the motioneyeOS software on the RPi. There is even a HassIO add-on for it :slight_smile:


I strongly recommend this
I’ve had it for about 6 months and it’s very good.

You can link to your server via motioneye (which is what I have) or any other camera package; even directly to hass and it works perfectly.

Store videos and pictures locally etc.

They obviously offer a cloud service, but you don’t need it at all.

I used ring and got rid of it a month later.

You can get this from ali express, if you do get it make sure you order it with the power supply as it uses 24VAC and they’re not that easy to find in some places.


Hi. Interesting solution. But I downloaded the manual and it states that the app is mandatory. How do I find the camera url without it?


do you have the 2-way audio working in HA?


So how good is the ha integration. Does the doorbell button do anything? Is there audio ?


You need the app to set it up, but after that you can use the url to configure with motioneye, zoneminder etc. I’ve used with motioneye and zoneminder and works well with both. I just prefer motioneye. the url is this
I record in my own server.


no. not possible to do 2 way integration in HA with any camera as far as I know.


I wrote this post to use the button to trigger a message/doorbell…

You cant pick up audio in HA with any camera.


Ok I will order one. But price it very high. I use Xeoma soit will probably find the camera.