Video doorbell without cloud?


Yes please, and instructions with pretty pics and/or videos.


An example would be awesome @DotNetDann!


OK I have put up the project.

Hope it helps


So these chinese doorbells don’t send their image out to the cloud?


Which one in particular?


Dunno, which one would be best? :slight_smile:


I found this yesterday which say it allows RTSP (in the Q&A at the bottom) so that could be used to get the video into HA. You could always block the device from sending anything out of your network. It’s not a doorbell but could be used as the video side of things and then use another device for the button. It has 2-way audio but I’m not sure how best to integrate that into HA yet. I don’t think HA has that ability for now.



I’m using this one . It is using onvif standard so you can connect to the camera using HA without a problem. You can buy it also on amazon . The set also includes a chime that uses the RF 433 standard. When some press the button of video doorbell it sends a code via RF 433, you can use sonoff RF bridge ( ) to grab that code and use it as a trigger in HA (for example to use it for taking a snapshot from camera and sending as a notification to your smartphone using for example “Telegram” app )


My setup. Xiaomi cam with custom firmware and a xiaomi zigbee push button. The cam is 24/7 recording on my home server. When the push button is pushed a couple of esp8266 with piezo buzzers beep. A snapshot of the image is then send to telegram.

It has cost me about 20 euros. The cam is powered trough a small usb cable.


I’m still yet to see a setup that brings 2-way audio into HA… As far as I know this isn’t yet possible, not even 1-way audio from the camera, but from what I’ve read on the Zoneminder forum they are hoping to have audio in the next release. I wonder if we can get that audio into HA once it happens?


Batteries or need wire? That’s the feature I like from ring. The battery lasts months and I don’t have a good way to get power to the door.