Viessmann - ViCare Power consumption heat pump


I am using the official ViCare integration to get data of my heat pump into HA.

Everything works fine, but it would be great to see the power/electricity as a sensor. When I download the diagnostics I see values (heating.power.consumption.summary.heating).

Would it be possible to expose these?

I would also like to integrate it in the HA Energy configuration as and “Individual Device” which requires kWh.

Thanks for your help.

Same here…

Yes - would like to add my Viessman to home assistant to monitor energy.

Whats new?

I am also not getting the values, but upon reviewing the integration code and pyvicare I don’t understand why not…
@oischinger do you know why we don’t see the energy consumption sensors of our heat pump devices?

these values should be available if your device is detected properly as a heatpump in case you selected heating type “auto” or when you set type “heatpump”.

I suggest to check the vicare logs at HA startup. It prints which sensors were properly detected

@oischinger I can confirm the problem having the latest versions of HA installed. The problem occurs if the device is configured as heatpump or auto.
The log finds the total power consumption but gives an attribute error:
“Attribute Error ViCare Power consumption this week”

Would love to assist in fixing this issue but would need assistance. Can you give me advice?
Should I open a bug so I can attach my log file?

I am a software developer but new to homeassistant.

Kind regards

Hi, anything new? I have the same problem

Beside the error regarding the power consumption, I receive a similar error for the “power production” sensor:

2023-05-02 18:02:46.416 DEBUG (SyncWorker_1) [homeassistant.components.vicare.sensor] Found device ViCare Power production current
2023-05-02 18:02:46.416 DEBUG (SyncWorker_1) [homeassistant.components.vicare.sensor] Attribute Error ViCare Power production current

Would love to assist in fixing these issues - unfortunately I am only a user a not a developer.

I just used python to play with the PyViCare module directly. When querying the power consumption for my heating I get an PyViCareNotSupportedFeatureError. The problem seems to be in PyViCare directly. I conclude that my heating model CU401B_G simply does not support this feature even though I can see the power consumption on the display of the heating controller. I will see if I can file a bug at the PyViCare module.

I have done some investigation on the Features endpoint by Viessmann’s API. Turns out, they do not expose the Power Consumption Heatpump Endpoints for the scopes we are using for ha_vicare. So unfortunately, no data points until Viessmann rethinks their restrictive product policies

I wrote an email to the Viessmann developers two days ago with my arguments why this would be helpful. Let us see if we bought the heatpumps at the right vendor :wink:

Before I found out about the API I started to hack the Viessmann serial protocol directly with my Raspberry Pi. Would be nice to know if the service protocol provides these parameters. Guess this would be a giant step back but it could work.