View access per user

I’ve seen mention that lovelace added the ability to restrict views per user but I’m not finding how to do this.

I want to set it so my kids can only see views for devices in their rooms.

  • Edit dashboard.
  • Select the view icon.
  • Click the pencil icon that appears.
  • Choose the Visibility tab.

Your answer is wrong. There’s no any Visibility tab

Yes there is. Please take time to research functionality before you refute active solutions.

Ok you are right. But it’s not very useful because:

  • you can’t hide default dashboard managed by home assistant
  • if you take control for default dashboard: you can hide it from user, but it will be shown when user log in, with empty content.

Also, once you 'take control ", it’s not possible to undo that and make it again managed by Home Assistant


Ok, but when new user login and default dashboard is set as not visible for him, he will see default dashboard with empty content. He needs to set other default dashboard. That could be acceptable. But when user sign in on another device, again he will see default dashboard for empty content and he needs to set default dashboard again. Becase it’s per device, not per account.

Another issue with multi user. I can disable adminisrator rights for user and hide default dashboard from him. So he won’t be able to create dashboard and see sensors data other than already addded for dashboards visible for him - that’s fine.

However, any user is still able to use all switches/sensors. He is able to see events log from main menu and for example, use links to my lights sensor and switch it on/off.

It seems multi user is not yet usable, is it work in progress? I think restrict entity/sensor from any particular user is good starting point.

I highly doubt that will ever happen. At best, we will get use-only dashboards that doesn’t allow viewing anything but the more-info control page and a system that only allows a user to view single sidebar items when they log in.