Viron Astral Pool ChlorinatorGo integration

9 times out of 10 this happens when there is a patchy signal between the EQ and the Bluetooth device.
How close is the proxy to the EQ?

(Needs to be less and a couple of metres away to get solid connectivity)

Thank you! Put it closer and all working now.

It’s probably worth mentioning here in terms of Bluetooth proxy’s, that I’ve now switched my general esp32 dev boards with the internal antenna to these GL.iNet GL-s10 devices. They are Poe powered Ethernet esp32 device, in a production enclosure, with an external antenna.

In testing this with a esp32 dev board, I was seeing improvements of 20+ db in signal quality.

I won’t link where you can buy them (I got mine on aliexpress), they are fairly inexpensive BUT you have to disassemble them to access the serial port to reflash them with the appropriate esphome firmware.

All details on how to do that are available on this page which includes a web flasher.

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:slightly_smiling_face: I also built up one of these yesterday and found a MASSIVE improvement in BT reception. for $30 (AU) on AliExpress, its a must

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What was it? I see you deleted, but knowing what was the issue is useful for others.

No idea - rebooted HA, rebooted the ESPHome etc.

I’ve had the esphome ble proxy hang at times to cause this… usually its my first point of reboot

Anyone had any luck integrating the WiFi AstralPools Halo equipment? I’m planning a new install but can’t seem to find any way to integrate the Halo equipment into Home Assistant which is a real bummer :frowning:

You can’t connect to the halo via wifi locally. You need a Bluetooth proxy. Once you have a Bluetooth proxy you can integrate it with HA.

See details here.

Can you connect to it via some web interface? I’m not so fussed about everything needing to be local.

Question - today, for the first time, my Halo ChlorGo app showed “LOW SALT”.

I don’t believe this sensor is available in HA. Any way we can get this to be in HA?

Whilst it may be possible, presenting status or warnings like in Homeassistant isnt so simple… Ie, from what i understand, youd need a entity called “Low Salt”, with a value of Yes or No. Given the various status responses the Halo can provide, you can see how this would quickly escalate into a mess. I’m open to understand how other intergrations handle this

I was thinking perhaps it would be a bit like INFO MESSAGE where you could handle it generically - and we could then have automations/alerts in HA that if it goes from blank to “LOW SALT”, it notifies my phone etc.

I have an automation that triggers a persistent notification. You could also notify your phone as well.

alias: "Pool: info message notification"
description: Post a persistent notification if the pool chlorine status is not ok
  - platform: state
      - sensor.pool_info_message
    from: NoMessage
      hours: 0
      minutes: 0
      seconds: 0
condition: []
  - service: persistent_notification.create
      title: Pool Info Message
      notification_id: pool_info_message
      message: "{{ states('sensor.pool_info_message') }}"
mode: single

Isn’t Info Message used to display standby, sanitising etc?

Also just saw a new firmware. 2.3

It has now caused my pH and orp reading to show weird values.

My info message (on EQ) only every mentions warning states, like low salt.

Earlier in this thread i mentioned to disable the HA Intergration before upgrading, and after the unit resets due to interesting data. It should have resolved itself none the less.

Yeah, the Halo has 4 Message status’s. I only had 3 presented.


Low Salt (and a hundred of other messages) will appear here on the Error Message.


If your Halo is still showing Low Salt in the App, Can you validate the HA Intergration once upgraded, is also showing Low salt with a screenshot please?

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Nice! Thanks. No longer in LOW SALT mode but I’ll keep you posted.