Visualizing the Smart Home with FloorPlan

Here is my write up on using Floorplan with my newly rolled security system.



Another great write up Carlo.

And Sleepy Dog continues to be my favorite automation!! LOL

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I absolutely love it. I may tweak my interfaces a bit to be similar to yours after seeing this.

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I love it! Gave me loads of great ideas for my planned setup with tablets! I especially liked the magnetic cabling.

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Great stuff Carlo. You’ve really made the most our of Floorplan and thanks for sharing!


Also, your github is like my main resource for new stuff and ideas. Great work!

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Hi Carlo

I guess your front end of the Fire Tablet is HADashboard? I started to set that up and got side tracked now side tracked by FloorPlan :slight_smile:

I love your setup!


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Thanks for all the Kudos everyone!

My front end is Floorplan with Fully Kiosk Browser on a Fire 7 tablet.

wow… I wish I could test drive it! Brilliant

Hi Carlo (IGNORE ME!! Found it thank you!)

Are you able to share your files for this please? I am struggling to get mine working how I would like and love how yours is done. I think I have already said that :smiley: :smiley:

I looked on your github and they aren’t there. Not a problem if not.


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@CCOSTAN how did you get the Fully Kiosk Browser installed on the Fire 7?

I decided to get one and replace some of my old android tablets as they are a bit slow but I can’t get it installed as it doesn’t accept the apk.

I did manage to get the WallPanal installed but that shows the lock screen and have to swipe it…


Nothing fancy… just installed it from the website.

weird… cannot install it on a 7th gen from the website as it doesn’t like the APK… so ended up in installing Google Play and installed it via the Play services which does work.

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For me, currently, floorplan does not work with Fire 7.
I am using Home Assistant v 0.54.0.

On silk browser, not even the front end is visible. Only the blue bar at top is visible. With fully kiosk browser, everything is visible. Floorplan is also visible and some of the animations play too, but nothing is clickable.

same… everything worked until about 1-2 months ago on my Fires.

A little update: the unclickable problem is solved when I disabled the pan_zoom:. I also started a issue for this matter on the github page.

Hi there. I just posted an updated on the main Floorplan thread.

Can you guys check if these changes make a difference at all?


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I’ve been trying to understand the ‘worlds greatest alarm clock’ project and just don’t seem to be able to open the .svg files without it sort of crashing Inkscape, did you use a different SVG editor @CCOSTAN or is this a result of after edits to the code?

Anyone else experience this, I’ve tried on different computers with no luck. Both clock.svg and clock_config.svg

Files open but all info/view pallets go blank, image is not zoomable or anything like that and I am unable to even quit Inkscape.

I built both SVGs in Adobe Illustrator. Because of that, inkscape now chokes on them. :frowning:

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