Wall Panel Options (HomeSeer to Home Assistant)

I’m new around here and I’m looking for some guidance. Background: I’m a long time user of HomeSeer HS3 and I have many tablets on the walls around the house. HomeSeer is currently in beta for HS4 and frankly the release is botched. I no longer have confidence in the product. My tablets are a mix of Windows 10 10", Amazon Fire 7" and 8", iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro (not wall mounted). I will not be using HomeSeer long term and need to migrate to a stable long term platform.

I have Home Assistant installed and it is running well. I have a few ZWave and Zigbee devices migrated over and they are working well. Where I am struggling is the panels. The HomeSeer way of doing panels is with a native app (Android, iOS, Windows). Designer software (HSTouch Designer) is then used (it feels like Visual Studio) to design screens and deploy to the mobile apps. It works well but the Designer software is not kept up to date and has been forgotten about.

I am looking for options with Home Assistant. I don’t know if there are native apps I should be using? Are the screens supposed to be served via web browser on the panels? I need to have the wall mounted panels be able to make audio announcements “back door left open” etc.

I see so many options in the forum I am not sure which will meet my needs and I don’t want to go down a long rabbit trail. I “took control” of my Lovelace and put a few things on a new tab but I’m not sure how to translate this into wall mounted panels.

Different panels get different screens available to them
Audio announcements on the panels
iOS (iPad/iPhone), Amazon Fire 7"/8", Windows 10
Wall panels get a non busy interface with no access to Home Assistant config (ie guest friendly)

Thank you!

Take a look at this for tablets and this for mobile phones (upcoming version can be configured throug UI) and this as well for mobile phones.

Audio announcments should be doable through the browser mod card

With these solutions would I be create a different user within Home Assistant for each panel? I need each panel to have a unique interface.


I’m interested in this as well. I have six tablets, each running their own unique HSTouch layout. I also have a couple of web pages that provide simple status for my wife while she’s working just so she doesn’t have to get up from her desk and look at a tablet on the wall.