Wallbox pulsar plus integration?

We have just had our Wallbox Pulsar Plus installed by Scottish Power (https://wallbox.com/en_uk/wallbox-pulsar). Does anyone else have one or know if there is an API to build an integration on?


Did you get any useful replies to this question? I am in the market for an EV charging and want to pick one that can integrate into Home Assistant. Thanks

Never got anywhere.

To be honest, I would avoid the Wallbox anyway. It works well as a “dumb” charger - good charge rates, small, cheap (I got it installed through Scottish Power). However, the “smart” buts simply don’t work - I can only connect to the box via bluetooth, and even with WiFi set up and connected when I leave bluetooth range I can no longer connect to the charger via the app.

Also using Wallbox Pulsar Plus.
Wifi connection was very bad. After software update problems are solved.
Hope there will be a integration available sone. Works well here.

If you have still have problems:
Open the box en remove the raspberry pi card en put it back again. If the card is not fitted well the Wifi connection wille be very bad.
Since Wallbox also use the raspberry pi Wifi connection is very weak and best is to connect to a 2.4 GHz SSID.

Guess the following is a start


I have a wallbox commander and am interested too to get data from it into home assistant

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If only I could get the thing to connect properly to wifi, this would be promising. As it is, it is no better than a pimped-up mains socket.

Wifi range is dramatic on the wallbox. May want an access point nearby. I’ve got a wallbox commander and it’s a pretty slow wifi connection. Don’t have experience with the pulsar but the commander also can be connected by ethernet wired.

I’ll give a try this weekend. I’t will be my first integration so well see If i’m capable to do it…

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It’d be great to see an integration with the Wallbox stuff, I’d emailed them a while back to ask about an official API but they’d just replied saying they had it on a roadmap but nothing to announce yet

Recently I switched from Domoticz to Home Assistant :slight_smile: I’m quite impressed so far.

Wallbox doesn’t officially supports an API (they confirmed to me) but their website uses an quite easy to use API. The above Python library is the base I’m using but I did extend some features, I’m probably going to bring those features back thru their git. The risk you have: it won’t work if they chance their API.

I have the following features available thru Domoticz (with python in the background) and now checking the best way for integration with HA:

  • Unlocking the wallbox when I come home
  • Dynamic load-balancing with solar panels (also uses P1 measurements)
  • Monthly billing cycle of the used kwh’s
  • Nightly charging (price/kwh is about 3 cents cheaper over here)

Any news on this integration?

Still working on the HA integration :slight_smile:


Good work. Hope we can instal the script soon in my system.
I wlll also contact Wallbox about OCPP. (Open Charge Point Protocol).

Happy to see this is being worked on. Thanks @barryvk. I will be a pulsar plus user in the coming weeks.

I’m looking forward to being able to enable charging (override schedule) so I can preheat the car in the morning, as I’ve got a Tesla I can do some awesome automatons when I get up with this added in!

Hi all, just a short update; I have the features thru the Wallbox cloud are already working with some python scripts. Even able to adjust the Amp’s dynamics so you can charge on your solar panels (minimum is 6 Amps default by Wallbox although). I am struggling with the HA integrations but finally I will overcome this :slight_smile:


Hi Barryvk,

Any news on the integration? I was able to access wallbox through python using the above api but I don’t know how to integrate it in HA…

Good to see some movement on this :slight_smile:

what is the JWT Token you need to enter ?

Iam also planning to by a Wallbox Pulsar Plus or alternatively a Elvi Wallbox 11kW.
Are you more satisfied after replugging in the PI / SW update? Have only a distance of 5m, but alternatively ethernet is at place, so a repeater could be installed…