Wallbox pulsar plus integration?

thank you but it give VA and not watt. I already have VA from my home counter but I’d like to get the WATT. I already sniff the modbus message and I know the watt are sent from the powermeter to the wallbox. It should be somewhere already and I’d like to get it as fast as Voltage and current

Out of curiosity, what do you need this for?

@jagheterfredrik there is a problem, the status remains fixed on “ready” even though it is charging so I can no longer control it. Maybe it depends on the 2024.5.0 update because it had never had this problem before.

Did you restart the wallbox? On 2024.05 as well, no issues.

Sure, I restarted everything but I resolved nothing.

Can you still control it via the WB app? To rule out hardware issues?

Wallbox app works like a charm.

I have no issues on 2024.5

I started from the beginning resetting and re-rooting the Wallbox, I stated also a fresh HA but now I’m not able to find mqtt integrations. I really don’t have new ideas.

I found the problem, in the initial setup I left the default host but it didn’t communicate with mttq, I solved the problem setting as host HA’s IP.

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Here 3 phase Pulsar Pro with mandatory OCPP connection for recharging to my employer who is so kind to pay my cars electricity bill.
Included the Powerboost solution and with solar on 2 phases.
And Flemish 15minute peak consumption - = sum of 3 phases- billing. I aim to keep the 15 minute peak below 6kw in summer, 8kw in winter (to support the heat pump).

The 3 phase Pulsar is so stupid that with power boost it is just protecting the phases; it is not looking at sum of all phases. 6kw on 3 phases is 10A per phase. Or only 2.3kw per fase.
This result to ridiculous stops of wall box when a printer starts, the waterpump starts or any kind of short peaks (like my washing machine that averages 100W over 30 minutes but does this with peaks of 2kw going on/off).

And with OCPP active start/resume is disabled, eco option via powerboost dont work.
At the moment i play with charge power on the wallbox and with max charching state of the car.
But that is not really in resulting an optimized charing pattern for the car (optimized as not going over 6kw/15 minutes, maximize solar usage and maximize charge speed at some moments)

What options do you see to take more control of the Wallbox in this setup?

  • is there a way to enable start/resume with OCPP active?
  • is there a way to set the power boost peak?
  • is there a way to fake power boost input?
  • an OCCP proxy?
  • other ideas?

Note; i have P1 info in HA; i have all info to optimize, just not able to stop/resume the wallbox properly…


Power boost peak is in the wall box app right?

The Flemish capacity tariff is quite unique, I suspect you may need to build something specific in home assistant to support your setup.

Why not use the power boost as it is intended, eg to protect the phases (in NL we typically have 3*25a for consumers). Then offload the thinking to home assistant like some others here have done; can you still control the power level of the wallbox even though you use OCCP?

In other words can you throttle back the wallbox dynamically to 6a for example?

Did you root the wallbox? Is it possible to do so with your version? Also as a last option, does your car have an API? If it’s not possible to pause resume the wallbox then perhaps the car can control the charging?

Finally, the peak usage is that the absolute peak or is it an average over X seconds? Just to understand the mechanics.

Lastly, I do recall seeing OCCP integrations for HA. Perhaps these can help?

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Did you consider EMHASS? Maybe doesn’t solve the OCCP limitations but is used for similar use cases as your own (eg limiting pv export, optimize usage etc)

Yes, a current value that it applies to all phases. But not accesible from HA integration (nor read nor setting the value I understand)

I can set the power level to lowest 6A; 3phase that is 4,1kw. The problem is I cannot force the Wallbox to stop charging. Somehow they decided that with OCCP active, pauze/resume is disabled.
The result will be I add the full 4kw to the capacity tarrif, resulting in an extra 200 Euro cost. Not extremely high but completely not needed (as I can perfectly charge our 2 EVs on a max of 6kw at home).

From the 2 cars: KIA EV only control is to limit the charging limit to 60% minimal. I cannot have it via HA just stop charging. And the Teslas controlling from HA is problematic anyway…
Rooting the wallbox; it is not really my device, not an option now.

Peak is a 15 minute load peak; that I can perfectly manage in HA.
HA OCCP is about connecting a charger to HA as an OCCP controller. That could help if they would forward OCCP to my OCCP provider. But that is not the case.

Note: checking currently with the Nexxtmove Integration maintainer if there is an option from my OCCP platform to perform the pauze/resume.

Complex indeed as it seems you have the right hardware but in this case the OCCP complicated matters - can you turn on charging through you occp provider? Eg outside Home Assistant? Just to understand if there is a way at all?

As for Tesla, I thought Tesla HACS is available and allows on/off? Just from what i read on other forums, i drive skoda Enyaq so by no means a Tesla expert😂 - skoda api is inefficiënt as hell and way too slow but it does work in the end

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The OCCP provider is nexxtmove; only used for recharging my electrical bill to my employer*. For now on the nexxtmove portal I only see the charching session. Their is no way from the web portal to stop a session.

But fhe maintainer from the HA integration thinks it might work -at least is dit against Powerdale chargers**

*; the solution in itself is nice; I can get company car usage and Privat car usage seperat.
**; with a caveat; for a Powerdale charger it worked also via the app; a none Powerdale charger cannot be added on the app… so maybe it will not work.

@jagheterfredrik Kudos for the rooting script and MQTT. My Wallbox kept loosing the connection to the MyWallbox portal. Support got me nowhere, so tried rooting it.

My Wallbox is in an IoT VLAN where I allow Internet access for only those devices that need it. When I logged in I discovered that the Wallbox has an IPv6 address as well and tries to contact Wallbox servers over IPv6 (Walbox version 6.4.14).

Solved it by giving the Wallbox a static IPv6 token and added the address to the firewall.

nmcli c mod [WIFI_NETWORK_NAME] ipv6.addr-gen-mode eui64
nmcli c mod [WIFI_NETWORK_NAME] ipv6.token ::[LAST DIGIT OF IPv4 ADDRESS]

Since it is now rooted, I deployed the MQTT option as well. Finally the Wallbox works as I want it to.

Next task is to create something in HA to disable the Bluetooth (rooting the Wallbox was way to easy). HA SSH version does not play nice with the Wallbox version, but I’m not out of options yet.

As the wallbox is basically a Pi with nice additional hardware, maybe it would be possible to add ‘telegraf’ to it with a nice conf. As a result it would be able to dump all kinds of stats to an influxdb with grafana dashboard. Maybe nice to see what the machine actually does.

Anyone other suggestions ?

Go for it, they provide prebuilt binaries, Linux/armhf