WallPanel for Android Redux

I start using this today and loving it! I just have a comment and question.

  • when the room is dark dimming screen or turning off triggers the motion sensor and wakes the screen again, practically keeping screen always on but I understand this is not something this app can help
  • and my question is, is it possible to adjust multimedia volume of the tablet? Being able to Increase/ decrease volume with TTS or alarm sound would be useful.
    Thanks again, you are doing a good job.

Once I saw the same issue when I was typing in the code.
Apparently it has something to do with my access point.
Therefore reinstalled the latest version.

Any chance of this working on my galaxy note 10.1? Android 4.1.2. Can’t load ha dashboard.

You can try the legacy version https://github.com/thanksmister/wallpanel-android-legacy.

Dear @thanksmister.
I cannot reply to your question within the issue #64 as it says “You can’t comment at this time.”
It says the same when I try to create a new issue.

Is it just a glitch or you’ve consciously blocked me for some reason?

Im very happy with this app. It is perfect for wake screen of my tablet using the sensors of my alarm.
Thank you.

I just bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510) with Android 4.0. I thought it would work, but I couldn’t get it to load. I found a unofficial Android 8.1 Rom and I flashed it. The tablet is incredibly slow, but for wallpanel it works like a charm. Only my floorplan reacts with a small delay, but that might be because it uses big PNG-files.

You might be able to find something here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-10-1/development

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Anybody use the custom bar card in Lovelace with wallpanel app? Only with this app the bar cards are incomplete, the value bar is missing:

In fully kiosk the bar card working well:

Just would like to say thanks. I have fully kiosk thingy but it was just a lot of stuff and didn’t really work as i wanted. This one seems to be just fine.

Having the screensaver on with the timer is the assumed method to keep it always on i presume?
Since having the screen totally disabled is not the case right? I have it now dim to 0% and only show the clock. When i walk next to it it will turn on.

Do see on mqtt that the face is going from false to true constantly if i am in front of it.

Yeah using screen dimming with the screensaver or using Google Daydream is the way to keep the application running. You can’t really turn off the screen so dimming is as good as it gets. I prefer Daydream but not all devices have this feature. I think Daydream uses less energy and you don’t have to dim the screen with this option because Daydream does that for you. The built-in screensaver is for devices that do not support Daydream like Amazon tablets.

I think you want to dim it to 90% or a higher value, 0% means no dimming occurs when the screensaver is active.

I looked into the daydream, i presume your referring to the normal screensaver of android, just bougth a galaxy tab a 10.5 so pretty new. I see now random colors (dimmed) and don’t have to put the app in “always on mode” if i wave my hand it turns back to my home assistant screen.

That said, is this for every screen saver i would install and does this impact the live span of the device with such a screensaver? (i would think it would be ok, its not like back in the old days)

Daydream is the way to, it was built by Google and will take care not to burn your screen. It has other options, such as a clock I believe, which is also nice.

Gotcha, took https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.j4velin.ultimateDayDream which has a clock in it too. Clock is fine, don’t need fancy stuff on it. A calendar would be nice but it would disappear anyway if your in front of it. (home assistant doesn’t has a good calendar overview function)

And here is my current setup now. Samsung galaxy tab a 10.5 with a vidabox wall mount. Made pictures with and without the cover so you can see clearly the tab tucked away in it.

I think overall it could be done with a cheaper tablet too like a firehd one but i cannot order those in .nl and though having a proper tablet would last a bit longer for now.

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Very nice.

I like it the size of the screen and the mount. I have a Fire tablet, but like you, I had trouble getting it here in AR. The Fire tablets don’t have the best version of Android in my opinion, it would be better to have stock Android on the device.

Good to know, sometimes getting something cheap isn’t always the right choice. In this setup everything works as it should.

Does anybody have a package or examples where they jump to an alarm panel tab and goes back to a normal tab if the alarm is turned off?

If the misses or me comes home it will detect the phones and disable the alarm, if we come in it shows a normal panel with information. If somebody else comes it can display a screen with only an alarm panel. After the alarm is disarmed by means of a code it will jump back to that same panel the misses and me had. (i presume this is how someone would use it, correct me if i am wrong)

    - platform: state
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
      to: 'disarmed'

Which would do an mqtt action to change the view to the normal one. Have to work this out a bit more, hence if someone has something like this would help a lot :wink:

hey I forgot to ask, @riemers, how are you powering it?

hole in the back into my meter cabinet.

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