Warema WMS Integration

You need to start it and check the logs, there you get the instructions. But first you need to select the stick in the config and save.

Hi fisch, first of all thank you for this add-on. It works like a charme. The only issue I had was, that the stick must be very close to the Warema units.
I’ve just seen you made an update yesterday. Could you share the change log with us?


Hi, thx…. changed only Warema weatherstation from lm to lx. Nothing more ……Greetz

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I have the Warema WMS Stick and want to use it with this add-on to control my two Warema WMS awnings.
My problem is that I don’t have the Key and PAN ID yet, so I can’t connect it…
How could I get these values?

In the Warema WMS studio pro, these are never displayed, and to use the WMS toolkit, I would need the project file which I either never got or I’ve lost it (our awnings are nearly 10 years old now…).
I got some values displayed in the WMS toolkit, but those are simply PANID as PAN ID and Key1 as Key, which is unfortunately too simple to be true and these credentials also don’t work in the Add-on.

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I also have the problem that my HA server is too far away from my awnings for the stick to connect, so could I use my spare RPI3, connect the stick to it and pass the stick through to my HA host (an RPI4 with HAOS) that is further away, and if yes, how?