[WARN] Home Assistant CLI is not running! Jump into emergency console…

I’m running a fresh install (VirtualBox on Windows 10 laptop) and seeing this issue after I login using root.

I have searched online extensively and all i’ve seen are such problem posts but no solutions in any of them. can someone please help?

Usually it just means that you tried to log in before the rest of the containers are up and running.

i see. how do i get past it? once the VM is booted up, should i wait a while before logging in using “root” so containers are given ample time to start up?

What are you trying to do in the console? Most people have no need to log in there, and simply proceed to the web interface.

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i thought i had to login to be able to use the web interface. TIL. thanks! can’t believe i spent so much time on this.

It takes 20minutes Preparing Home Assistant WebUI. Console login will display error CLI not running. Go directly to your web url and continue the setup.

same error message. But I can’t get past the waiting 20 minutes message on the Web UI. Is there some way to get to the setup page when it is locked into the waiting 20 minutes message. (I waited an hour)

I also bumped into error “Home Assistant CLI not starting jump into emergency console”, tried over dozen times with fe wSD cards and 4.x, 5.x and 6.x HA versions. Browsed all over the net and this forum, then finally noted some post with unclear instructions to “log in with any user info…” So I tried in CLI screen prompt after the original error message and just wrote “login” and pressed enter. It proceeded right to HA welcome prompt showing the urls like HA url http://homeassistant.local:8123
Observer, mikä lie http://homeassistant.local:4357. So I entered HA url into my browser and it took then 30+ min to do rest of installations and asked to register. So some silly stuck which you can bypass, propably with many login kind of attempts


Thank you this worked! Lucky this came up near the top of google. appreciate you posting back here what you found.

Had to come here to say that ‘login’ worked for me too. Thank you

“login” also worked for me after waiting for installation. Just be patient and type login

Worked also for me. Big thanks!!
Have to use it also every time after manual shutdown to get to Home Assistant command line (screen attached). Doesn’t seem to impact the use of Home Assistant app/web UI.

WORKING AGAIN! - I got this issue recently after updating to the latest OS platform. Unplugged the network cable let it boot up showed the home assistant cli onscreen, connected the network cable and was able to access again.

Perfectly worked

How can I access the command line after the error message?

Thanks in advance

What IP address would you use? If the CLI starts properly you see the IP address HA is accessible on which is not the case with the above error message