[WARN] Home Assistant CLI is not running! Jump into emergency console…

Thanks , glad someone understood, worked for me too

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to install HA on Pi3 and I have the problem “Home Assistant CLI not stating! Jump into emergency console” even though I restarted my Pi 3 the exact problem. Did you have the same problem? (Ps: I’m on the latest version)

Just type login

i tried “login” but it says the same thing over and over

How long do you wait to try it? It may take some time to be ready

I know this an old post, I had this emergency console thing, driving me crazy. Here I was the Alexander Dumass, lol, I had access control on in my router. SMH😆

I had a power outage and have been running into this issue ever since. Cant get the raspberry pi 4 booting past this message. login command does not help. Anything else I can try?

I get this msg almost every reboot, but it still works. I can go to IP:8123 no problems

I tried with a fresh install on a different SD card and it is able to boot and gives me an option to start from a backup which I dont have. Is there a way to copy things from old SD card to this new one and get around this error? Or any other ways to recover the old SD card with CLI issues?

So You install a fresh, which are working, and then you want to copy “things” from the one that didn’t work … Be Carefull which “Things” you copy over :wink:

Yes you can Copy Most from the /Homeassistant Folder

But as you/noone knows why you got a corrupt Installation ( But most likely disk/file corruptions )

I would Suggest you copy your “Views/Dashboards”, and Various Settings/Configuration Files, YAML-Files etc., then reinstall the integrations, so they also are “Fresh”, and replace the corresponding “Settings-Files”( This part is not a “danger-zone”, However Replacing core-config/core-entities/Devices etc , i will not recommend, if your not Very Familiar with HA.

Open the Card in Any OS, and you should be able to read any text/YAML/JSON file there ( C/P )