Water Meter Reading/Integration with Itron EverBlu Cyble Enhanced

Does anyone know of a way of integrating water meter reading into Home Assistant?

I live in the UK and my Water Meter is out on the street and has an Itron EverBlu Cyble Enhanced module that allows for wireless remote meter functionality. More details:


I’ve had a bit of a search and am not quite finding an answer to this, so any advice or pointers welcome.


Interested as well!

Any updates?

Same modele , i’m interested too.
Have you try this ?

Some people, have succeeded to read information in this model here in french :


I think this model is used in Australia too. Watching with interest

Looking at the spec, it looks like it uses Wireless M-Bus
https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN11017.pdf (see mode F2a).
There are various Wireless M-Bus development kits available that would at least have the right radio interface to get you started but they are $100+.
Most of the cheap 433MHz Tx/Rx boards are ASK not FSK so won’t work.
The RFM69HCW looks worh a closer look

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I just came across this project, seems to be exactly what you need:

If anyone tries with an AnyQuest Cyble, please let me know the result.

does anyone knows how to get reading information from this itron cyble, I’ve an SDR-RTL dongle

The Cyble meters seems to be using RADIAN protocol which requires two-way communication.

So you will need a transceiver to communicate with it.

The project linked above uses a CC1101 with a 433MHz antenna. You will need a CC1101 with a 169MHz antenna/configuration and to update the CC1101 config from 433MHz to 169MHz.

If any of you cannot get a RPi to the aforementioned project, then try with an ESP8266 or ESP32 with this project:

Sounds almost impossible for me :frowning:, at least I tried hahahahaha, do you know any water meter so I can install and get readings easily?

I don’t know any actual meters which is easy to setup, but I can offer a few solutions, if you have a power source nearby.

  1. Check out this project which uses the wired Itron Cyble with an ESP to count usage:
    Actaris water meter detection using a Cyble sensor

  2. This one can work with any meter, needs a lot tinkering, but a fun project. It uses an ESP32-Cam.
    GitHub - jomjol/AI-on-the-edge-device

  3. Similar to #1 but a Zigbee solution:
    DIY Inductive Zigbee water meter

  4. Maybe one of these, but Z2M hasn’t got any water or gas meters supported, I guess that is the same with ZHA too.
    Nb-iot Smart Water Meter Zigbee 40mm Water Flow Meter - Buy Zigbee Water Meter,40mm Water Meter,40mm Water Flow Meter Product on Alibaba.com

  5. Unfortunately just a cloud solution and dependent where you are from, but Flume is an easy and out of the box solution, if your meter is supported:
    Monitor Your Water Use | Stop Leaks Fast | Flume 2 Smart Water Monitor

  6. Search for water meter in the forum and see what other people has built.