Waterkotte Heatpump integration available/portable?

Hello fellow home automators,
i am in posession of a Waterkotte heatpump and would love to get it properly integrated into home assistant. There is a web interface available via lan, which can be accessed with standard credentials. From there you’re able to receive sensor information and set up a few things.
As far as i can see, there is a openhab-integration (EcoTouch - Bindings | openHAB) available, as well as an SmartHomeNG-integration (Plugin ‚waterkotte‘ Konfiguration — Anwenderdokumentation v1.9.2 v1.9.2 (Stand 2. Mai 2022) Dokumentation). There are also several scripts for interacting and receiving information from the device. (python-based pywaterkotte/pywaterkotte at master · chboland/pywaterkotte · GitHub)
Is it somehow possible to port those integrations to Home Assistant, or are there already some waterkotte-owners in this community who found a way to integrate it into the system (through node-red for instance)?
Thanks in advance and best wishes


I am interested in such an integration as well :slight_smile:

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I build an integration for this now. You can have a look here if you interested Waterkotte Heatpump Integration

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