Waterproof temperature sensor?

what are the options for waterproof temperature sensors, beside old tried and tested DS18B20 for the esp?

sht10, 20?

Why don’t you want to use the 1 wire solution?

I have SHT30 external rated, but I wouldn’t dream of putting it direct water. My DS18B20 has been going strong 3m deep in a water tank for the last 18 months. For the price I haven’t seen any alternatives.

I’ve had a DS18B20 on the bottom of a lake in ~10ft of water for over 5 years now.

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The hardest part is keeping the splices water-tight, the sensor is fine, but I’ve had to re-splice the connections once in that time.

I am bored with it, need something else. Already using 3 of those, most likely Chinese copies.
2 of those in aquariums.

lol, I can see that. I just moved onto other projects, the 1-wire is such a nice solution I just keep using them. It’s really nice you can hang N of them off a single digital port.

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