Watson anyone?

Anyone using the IBM Watson component successfully? It isn’t connecting for me.

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I get “invalid config” and it times out with:
I’ve tried with and without quotes as below and I either get a time out or invalid authentication.

My Watson config from Example configuration.yaml entry:

organization: xxxxxx
type: Gateway
id: Home_Assitant_xxxxxxxx
token: xxxxxxxxxxx

Figured it out!
I had made a standard “device”. I went back into the Watson IOT interface and created a GATEWAY and it worked instantly!

Is there an ELI5 on this component?

How do you make it a gateway?

I hope I don’t mind if I side-track the thread, but what would I use IBM Watson for with Home Assistant? What does it do when it comes to Home Automation?

When creating a device on the Watson IoT dashboard you can specify ‘device’ or ‘gateway’. Everything else is the same

The sky’s the limit

Watson IoT has analysis capabilities that can be accessed once connected to the platform.

My immediate interest lies in the broker and I’m trying to build the following: Watson IoT has an MQTT broker that can be accessed. You can feed a dashboard available online with data from your Home Assistant environment allowing remote monitoring and control. And with the free tier this is a no cost solution