Wattle smart lock getting unresponsive used with zha

I have two identical, same firmware, Wattle smart locks installed in two doors that are two meters apart. There is a zha mains powered router 1 meter from the doors. I am using HA 2021.6.6 with a conbee II USB stick and the problem is that one of the doors is getting unresponsive after 12-24 hours. It will come alive again if I pull out the batteries from the lock and puts them back. I have turned on debug in the log, but the only guidance I get is that there is a problem with ‘lock_lock’. The most strange thing is that it seems that the problem is moving to the other door when I move the batteries between the locks. The battery reading says 100 %.
Any ideas why one of the lock is getting unresponsive but not the other?
(I have ordered new batteries and will update this post after testing with fresh batteries from a well known company).

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I just bought a wattle smart lock and a conbee 2 stick today. Was it easy to get this working? (at least for the one lock that works:)). I have no experience with zigbee.

Same issue for me (wattle smart lock, conbee2 and zha). Integration works at first, but gets unresponsive after a while. I only have one lock.

No, not really any problems. The standard caveats are distance between controller/router (depends on surroundings 10-20 meters) and WiFi interference (I use ch 25 for zigbee and avoid ch 11 on WiFi).

No difference with Lithium batteries. Have received new firmware from Heimgard. Will try to upgrade ASAP.

I uppdated the firmware via OTA two days ago and it seems to work now. (Also updated to 2021.7.3) Debug logs show no zha errors and the locks are responsive and checks in regularly.
I will stop change things and report back in a week with an update of the status.

Nice. Can you share yaml used for the upgrade? Also, where did you download the new firmware from?

My Wattle Locks from Heimgard has been working fine now for several days.

I had a model PA of the zigbee module in the lock as described here:

(You need to dissasemble the inside of the lock and remove the zigbee module to inspect it for the proper firmware ID).

I downloaded the OTA-file from here:
(be aware that the web page above has dead links, you must use the direct link above to the zip file. There is another one for the P0 version, this I do not have.)

I extracted the zip file and put the extracted file into a new directory named “ota”, created in the config directory on my HA. For this I am using SAMBA add-on module in HA to get file access.

Then I updated my configuration.yaml with the following lines (please remember the correct indentation of the lines and to change the directory to whatever you have choosen to use) as described in the HA doc:

> zha:
>   zigpy_config:
>     ota:
>       #ikea_provider: true                        # Auto update Trådfri devices
>       #ledvance_provider: true                # Auto update LEDVANCE devices
>       otau_directory: /config/ota              # Utilize .ota files to update everything else

When everything was in place I restarted HA and with debug mode enabled on the ZHA I could see that the firmware update started and continued.
Be aware! Updating one device took between 2-3 HOURS and you should not interrupt it with other restarts, reconfigs and similar.

Good luck!

I would like to give great thanks to the support people at Heimgard/Home Control that quickly answered my support requests for new firmware and follow up questions (even on a Sunday…).

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awesome, will try later today :wink:

worked like a charm, but the update was intense! it took about 6-7 hours, and when it reached 90% a massive thunderstorm hit. Lights were constantly flickering, but the raspberry pi survived without interupting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice! My locks are still working perfect. The only strange thing is that intermittent there is a beep from the lock even when there is no activity, neither physically or via HA. Cannot find any relevant in any log.

Same here! My dog recognises the sound and freaks out as he expect someone to open the door. Other than that, it works well.

What functions do you get with the lock in ha? Can you see if it is locked or unlocked? Can you controll it?

I can see the status of the lock and also control it with lock/unlock. This means that automations in HA is no problem. I have not (yet) investigated what any zigbee functions that might be working in the lock class with this lock.

Hi Guys,
I have now bought a conbee 2 USB device and running HA on a raspberry pi. I have a wattle Door Lock Pro and can’t find the lock in HA. I want to reset the lock but doesn’t find any reset button under the cover as the instructions says. Anyone that has been able to reset the lock?

You are right, there is no reset button. I am not aware of any method of making a complete factory reset on the device. What you can do is to remove the batteries and put them in again. That will initiate that the lock goes into “adding” mode for the next two minutes. You need to have the USB dongle close to the lock (2-3 meters max) to be able to add the lock. If you have a nearby zigbee switch acting as router you cold join the lock via that device.

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Thanks Krister! I’m new to HA but is there anything else I need except ZHA? I add the lock through ZHA? I’m searching for devices through ZHA but it can’t find the lock even if I take out the batteries to start pairing mode :blush:

There is a reset button for the zigbee module inside the lock, on the edge of the zigbee module, you have to keep that pressed for 15 seconds with batteries connected.

To factory reset the lock you press and hold the button on the inside and at the same time press * and then #.

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Anyone that have problem that the lock status stops working?

My two locks has been working without interruptions for two months, after the firmware update. But last week week one of the lock went unresponsive in zigbee. After pulling out the batteries and reinserting them it started to work again. I have no clue from the logs what has happened with that particular lock, the other one is 2 meters away and has showed no droput (yet)