Wear OS home assistant control


do you guys, figured out how to control home assistant through wear OS?


The only way I have found so far is to use AutoWear and Tasker, but it’s a royal pain to setup. Integration with the Android version of the Home Assistant Companion would be a welcome addition.

use home slide, installed on your phone as a user with what you want to control/see info on, then install the wear companion app .

I send you access request :wink:

Just go through the Play store. TheWear companion pops up to install on your watch as soon as you install the phone app.

The only problem I have found with the Wear companion app is that there is no quick way to get to it. It should be available as a tile for swiping from the right or a complication to click through to the menu. As far as I can tell, you have to press whatever button brings up your watch apps, scroll to the Home Slide app, tap it, and then wait for it to load. While more convenient than no control at all, this is not ideal.

edit: Aside from that one issue. I really like this app!

i have it assigned to a hardware button, double tap and up it pops, I also use alexa listens wear too, if you want direct shortcuts on your watchface try bubble cloud , you can add icon pictures of your device you want to control

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You can configure the secondary button (if you have one on your watch) to launch the app by going to Settings > Personalisation > Customise hardware buttons in Wear OS.

That’s the way I have it on my watch.

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@delboydell @Steven_Rollason

Thanks for the heads up. Working perfectly!

I wish there’s Wear OS companion app in the future. I use WearTasker, Tasker and Home Assistant Plug-In for Tasker to control my Home Assistant Instance now.

I tried to side-load Home Assistant mobile app onto my watch, but it crashed at the login page.

The Home Slide app mentioned above is the closest thing to this. You install the app on your phone, and you’re then prompted to install it on your watch. I’ve been using it for just over a week and found it very useful.


That is awesome! Really useful application, should be more well known

Seems like Wear OS support is just around the corner:

Inflate secrets in wear os app. (#1252)
Add Wear OS module for initial support (#1250)

Looking forward to that ! I use home slide at the moment and even with a trimmed down list of devices scrolling to a particular device can take some time, It would be nice to see a views option with things categorised like the lovelace interface.

They have added a wear apk in the releases: https://github.com/home-assistant/android/releases

I think it has no/little functionality by now, I suppose it will be published in the Play Store when more or less ready…

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I installed that on my watch, but nothing shows up other than the logo/splash screen

The wear OS apk is just some initial groundwork that was laid out. Theres no timeline but rest assured once ready there will be an announcement made as it gets released to the play store.

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Cool, I am really curious to install this app on my Wear OS watch. :slight_smile: Is there any opportunity to try the beta version?

@krad23, how did you make it to install the apk on your watch? Did you use “wear installer” app? in my case wear installer told me that “This apk doesn’t seem to be for WearOS”.

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the app has 0 functionality on wear OS its only a placeholder image and thats it.

That Tiles API announced yesterday looks interesting. Have y’all looked into that at all?