Weather station?

I am new to HA. I intend to use it mainly to monitor my Solar system but I would also like to use it to monitor local real time weather information.

I am not really interested in setting up complex systems that track wind & rainfall etc. I wonder if I could have recommendations for basic weather tracking systems which show real time temperature, humidity and pressure (and history perhaps) and which can be integrated with HA. It’s difficult to tell from shop adverts whether they can be integrated. Is there some protocol I should be looking out for?

Sorry for this Newbie question

First things: The history is typically provided by HA when you (regularly) receive sensor values like temperatures. So everything which can be integrated in HA will give you a history. Maybe you want to extend the HA statistics with something like influxdb and grafana for long term data aggregation and viewing.

Depending how committed you are a cheap DIY weather station can be build based on a esp with esphome. For example it can be combined with a bosch BME280 sensor which features temperature, humidity and pressure.

Plenty of projects are out there - including more advanced ones: