W'EAU Pool Heater pump - WVFI-010


I just bought a pool heater (W’EAU Pool Heater pump - WVFI-010) which has an app where i can set the setpoint and current temp etc. It would be nice if all the available information from the pump can be integrated in home assistant. Does anyone has experience with W’EAU heater pumps in combination with home assistant?

Many thanks for your help


I’ve had it in Home Assistant yesterday with the local tuya intergration, but the layout wasn’t what I expected. It showed 160 degrees in LoveLace, instead of 16,0. But that’s a minor detail.
I’m going to try it with the tuya local intergration to see what it does.
But it seems things have to be tweaked, because it was only possible for me to turn it on in Auto Mode and to turn it off. It also wasn’t able to see the extra parameters, which are shown in the display.

Time isn’t on my side, so I have to see when I can play with it the next few days.

Unfortunataly, I’m not able to add the Heater in the W’eau App and Tuya App at the same time.

I used these steps, but as said, with the local tuya intergration: