W'EAU Pool Heater pump - WVFI-010


I just bought a pool heater (W’EAU Pool Heater pump - WVFI-010) which has an app where i can set the setpoint and current temp etc. It would be nice if all the available information from the pump can be integrated in home assistant. Does anyone has experience with W’EAU heater pumps in combination with home assistant?

Many thanks for your help


I’ve had it in Home Assistant yesterday with the local tuya intergration, but the layout wasn’t what I expected. It showed 160 degrees in LoveLace, instead of 16,0. But that’s a minor detail.
I’m going to try it with the tuya local intergration to see what it does.
But it seems things have to be tweaked, because it was only possible for me to turn it on in Auto Mode and to turn it off. It also wasn’t able to see the extra parameters, which are shown in the display.

Time isn’t on my side, so I have to see when I can play with it the next few days.

Unfortunataly, I’m not able to add the Heater in the W’eau App and Tuya App at the same time.

I used these steps, but as said, with the local tuya intergration:




Thanks for your reply. I installed Tuya local on Home Assistant and follwed all te steps using the link you send. Now I see a device with an ip address. I dont know if this is the Weau pool heater. When I press next I get the following items which I dont know what to fill in.

  • Local Key (how do i get the Local key from the device.

I hope somebody can help me. It would be nice to have the pool heater into Home Assistant.


In the youtube video, at 14:31 “Local Key Extraction”, you can see how to get the local key.


Frank Howell


I get the following:

“code”: 1106,
“msg”: “permission deny”,
“success”: false,
“t”: 1686051939618,
“tid”: “a8ce2afd045f11eebfbfa24bf1d21c99”

1106: permission deny

  • App account not linked with cloud project: On the Tuya IoT Platform, you have linked devices by using Tuya Smart or Smart Life app in your cloud project. For more information, see Link devices by app account. The App is linked
  • Incorrect username or password: Enter the correct account and password of the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app in the Account and Password fields (social login, which the Tuya Smart app allows, may not work, and thus should be avoided for use with the Home Assistant integration). Note that the app account depends on which app (Tuya Smart or Smart Life) you used to link devices on the Tuya IoT Platform. App is linked and in Home assistant i have a connection
  • Incorrect country. You must select the region of your account of the Tuya Smart app or Smart Life app. Region in the app is the Netherlands


Hi again,

Did you select the right API call?

“General Device Capabilities” → “General Device management” → “Get Device Information”?



Hi Frank,

Yes i did. Strange…


Seems like you don’t have the correct device_id. It’s on the Tuya IoT Platform site where you linked your app.

“Cloud” → “Development”
Click “Open Project”, tab “Devices”.
There it should be under “All Devices” or “Link Tuya App Account” → “Manage Devices”.


Frank Howell


There is nothing. Maybe it is not possible. But I saw a device in Home Assistant using Tuya local.
So I thought it was the W’EAU Pool Heater pump - WVFI-010


That’s indeed the place where it should be.
Maybe you should try to link the app (again) under “Link Tuya App Account” → “Add App Account” and scan the QR-Code with your Tuya App.



When I access a Tuya device with Home Assistant, the Tuya App and the Tuya IoT Platform it sometimes shows the device offline. A few minutes, sometimes a couple of hours, after not opening the Tuya App (I even force close it on the phone) and the Tuya IoT Platform it goes online in Home Assistant again.

Bought myself a weau too, used the Tuya app… Am I correct you can’t define the temp in the app? You can only read the current setup temp?

Maybe possible with HA? If anyone could share their setup? Is it also possible to see in/out temp???

I added using Tuya, but it only creates a switch… And indeed in Tuya app, the decimal is wrong, it’s 1 place shifted…

If anyone can share how to setup the other entities with correct dpi, would be :+1:

Hi Fabio,

Which Weau pool heater do you have? I am not able to create anything… With Tuya local i see a device which i can not connect. Maybe you can also share your location and the steps you made.


i bought this one, just paired with tuya “smart life” app, make sure you select the 2.4 Ghz , it doesnt support 5 GHZ


but i always have this error with tuya local, but i think because the address is already in use with localtuya discovery, tuya devices only allow 1 connection, so gonna restart the heater later, and try again

Hmm interesting. How did you get the Local key? Was it already filled in automatically or how did you get the key?

i grab it with the API explorer on the IOT cloud platform, its described on the integration page…
But i will stick with localtuya integration, gonna create the DP manually , was describing them for me now…

  '1': false, => power on/off
  '2': 'eheat', =>  mode
  '9': 30, =>  temp set
  '10': 203,  => temp current , here is a decimal issue, should be "20,3"
  '20': 4, fault => system fault
  '101': 0,  machine type
  '102': 40, set temp upper
  '103': 15, set temp lower
  '104': true  temp unit C or F

ok, Weau integrated, using localtuya, with config below

  "data": {
    "device_config": {
      "friendly_name": "Weau",
      "host": "",
      "local_key": "XXXXX",
      "protocol_version": "3.4",
      "enable_debug": false,
      "entities": [
          "friendly_name": "Weau",
          "target_temperature_dp": 9,
          "current_temperature_dp": 10,
          "temperature_step": 1,
          "precision": 0.1,
          "hvac_mode_dp": 2,
          "hvac_mode_set": "manual/auto",
          "temperature_unit": "celsius",
          "target_precision": 1,
          "id": 1,
          "platform": "climate"

utsing this card

Only thing missing is the “cool” button, but i dont use that anyway :slight_smile: