W'EAU Pool Heater pump - WVFI-010

It’s fixed in Tuya_local, but not yet released:

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Thanks for al the information, almost everthing done what is said. But I don’t understanden where i must put that code. Can you explain where you placed your code?

You don’t need to put the code, it’s an export how I setup the localtuya integration

Ah ok :smile: searching searching

Snap er echt geen bal meer van…

?? Just add the device using localtuya with the options as I posted in my config ? Where are you stuck?

I can only get it to work as a switch.
When I fill in the values ​​with your config (some values ​​like ““target_temperature_dp”: 9,” I can’t fill in.
Only 6 values ​​that I don’t know what to do with. I can’t fill in that “9” anyway, so to speak.
But I am sure that I use the right Device ID.
When I click ok I see a thermometer but I also see the words “Not available”. Tuya is not easy that Iot LOL

You can also use the official tuya cloud integration, then it’s easier…

Show screenshots maybe?

Normally in localtuya, just a the device as an “climate” entity, then in next steps, just enter the details, like in my export file, that’s it

I got confused, see picture. I was constantly trying to add the heat pump via localtuya intergration (the red circle).
That is possible.
So that didn’t go well.
I thought every time that Tuya Local (bottom green circle) was only for the login of the complete Iot platform.
My english is not always very good.
When I looked closer I saw in one that you could immediately add a device there.

And that went well in 1 times!

Stupid of me :D.

But it works now!!! As you say pergola.fabio.

Very happy!

Thank you pergola.fabio!!!

Perfeft, seems you have 3 different versions of tuya integrations, try to use only 1 and ditch the other 2 :slight_smile:

Can you give us the code of your configuration ?


It’s just the “Thermostat” Card.

Try to integrate it in Tuya App and then integrate Tuya in HA, local or cloud.
Most of the heat pumps are basically the same rebranded model. So, the possibility of going with Tuya is very high.

I’m getting also somewhere, but now i don’t know it anymore.
did get a Tuya device seen in HA. but it’s unsupported, so don’t see any entities.
But at the diagnostics I see no special things. see attachment. tuya diagnostic

Anyone a idea how to get the entities of the Tuya device i got.

Dear Frank,

I have the same Weau heater only a bigger one. The 10kW. At the moment I only have the option auto heat and off. For some reason Heat is not working anymore. Can you tell me how you integrate edit the YAML file. For me it is not clear how to get all the options.


it depends what integration you want to use? i use localtuya, you can use these options below, you need to manually add it when adding the device in localtuya


I’m using the Tuya Local, as it has some more options.
I’m using the normal Thermostat Card:

type: thermostat
entity: climate.w_eau_pool_heatpump