Weback Integration (and vacuum cleaner)

Hello i bough the Haier XShuai ShuaiXiaoBao Robot because was cheap in geekbuying (100 usd) and I like it so far, I can “call” wherever I’m using wifi and it has google home integration (Ok google turn on the robot) and works nice, however I would like to control using HA, i tried to sniff the network request to see if I can use a “command” to trigger this. but no luck so far. I can add “weback” to my google home, so is displayed there, is anyway to see google home devices in HA?? Thanks

Same issue here no update yet?

Hello, I made integration for weback but it needs some testers and code review. Check it out: Weback cloud integration: testers and help required

I’ve been using the integration for a while now but ever since december I have been unable to get the perfectly working robots to appear again in Home Assistant… What can I try?