WebDAV support

I want to mount a network disk using the WebDAV protocol for videos from my surveillance camera via motioneye addon. In a bare Linux I usually use davfs file system. But here I couldn’t find any addons to mount a network disk. Is there any ways to mount network disk using webdav?

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Hi Vadim,

did you had any success into getting WebDAV running?
I’m trying to safe my HASS backups to a WebDAV cloud storage.
Just searching for a similar solution as you.


I’m guessing no one ever found an answer to this one here. If anyone does. Please post

its a while since the last post but I had recently the same problem.
Since there was no solution for this problem I simply created my own addon for it.
Here the link to my repository:
Open your Home Assistant instance and show the add add-on repository dialog with a specific repository URL pre-filled.

If your still need WebDAV you can give it a try :slight_smile:
The Webdav add-on is based on lighttpd and is very simple.
But I have also exposed the conf file so that advanced users can customize this addon to their needs.