Weber BBQ on/off detection using a door sensor / reed switch

I pulled an Aqara door sensor (reed switch) out of it’s enclosure, put it in a washing up glove finger (for a bit of weather resistance), and hot glued it inside my BBQ’s gas dial. I placed another super magnet as shown. Now I have BBQ on/off detection. Works well.

I don’t really need to know whether gas bottle is on, (although I guess that would be nice, but don’t want to fit stuff to the swap-and-go gas bottles), it’s more about triggering some things while the BBQ is in use.

  • Turn off my aircon (as the external air con unit fan blows at my BBQ - it’s about 1m away)
  • Turn up brightness on the balcony light so I can see what I’m cooking better.

If it works as I want I’ll probably look at improvements to weather proofing and mounting (for easier battery replacement etc).


I wrote a full tutorial for this here:

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