Week scheduler (including really nice example UI)

I really like the week scheduler of my (commercial) KNX visualization. It allows to see a week schedule and you can send multiple values based on the schedule (e.g. on/off or 1,2,3 or strings like “comfort”,“sleep”, “night”, “off”). This makes it a universal week scheduler.
This is how it looks like:

Detail view:

Edit view:

S1 and S2 represent “special” schedules that can be activated/overwritten e.g. for a vacation schedule or so.

Any plans to add a generic week scheduler?


Looks good. Make sure you vote for your own request

How can I vote for a request?

Press the vote button at the top of the thread.

I’ve never understood why it doesn’t automatically add a vote from the OP, I mean the fact that they made a thread in the feature request category implies that they want the feature :man_shrugging:

This doesn’t have the same look/functionality you are hoping for but, while you’re waiting for this request to be considered, have you see this addon?

Thanks for the hint. I had a look but apparently it only supports on/off like Simple Scheduler and other schedulers. Nice start though.

Maybe this one posted today could be an option. It seems to work fore all automations and type of enteities but the looks are not the same as you suggest.

This one is perfect

trying to make a scheduler