Wemo Coffee Maker: 6GB of Uploaded Data During 20-day Period

(A photo showing Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker with Wemo and a history of data usage in Ubiquiti UniFi Controller.)

My coffee maker (for brewing tea) used 6GB of data during the 20-day period. Although I do not need remote access anyway (I turned it off recently), I took the step of only assigning default gateway and DNS server IP address to devices that need it, such as Google Home.

# /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf

subnet netmask {

host graysonteamaker {
    hardware ethernet 94:10:3e:5f:4d:11;

host Google-Home {
    hardware ethernet f4:f5:d8:a2:4e:d0;
    option routers;
    option domain-name-servers;

I have multiple segregated networks ( for management/DNS/UniFi, for computers/mobile devices, .64/27 for wired home automation devices, for wireless home automation devices, etc.)

Has anyone experienced the behavior that Wemo devices used so much data when connected to the Internet?

My Wemo plugs use about 40mb in the same period.

Can you actually confirm that traffic was internet bound or could it be in an area with week WiFi reception just causing local retransmissions.

I’m not sure how to determine if the traffic is internal or external in a UniFi Controller as I have a pfSense as a router. I’ll have to check in Home Assistant’s LXC (Linux container) to see if it gets 6GB of traffic from Mr. Coffee Wemo Coffee Maker.

Hmm… I want to try and install vnstat but sounds like I need to create a database… Well, too late now unless UniFi Controller has stats for showing me host and destination IP addresses…


Can you please describe what the picture is about?