Wemo integration stopped working?

Hey anyone, my Wemo integration stopped working yesterday. Home assistant can no longer see any of my WEMO devices and nothing has been changed. I’m on 0.95.4.

Can someone confirm their wemo devices are still working (i’m wondering if Wemo have done something to block Home Assistant).


I have two WeMo power switches that are still working in HA.

When I moved to a different server and installed fresh, I also lost Wemo devices, but then I manually assigned them in the configuration and they’re working just fine. Setup static IP’s for the MAC addresses on your router and explicitly tell HA where they are and they’ll work.

You may need to reconfigure them in the Wemo app…I recall doing this too.

@arretx Thanks I just assigned the Wemo devices a static IP and configured Home Assistant to those IP addresses. All’s working again.

Many thanks!

No problem. A bit annoying when things don’t work the way they did the first time. I remember Wemo just firing up and being recognized right out of the box when I put HASS.io on my Pi3.

Yes, I forgot I had set mine up as static ip some time ago because I had exactly the same issue. Glad you got them going again.