What addons/self-hosted stuff do you use?

Not sure if this is the right category, but after coming across a couple of very interesting projects that give people that self-host access to high-quality software that would otherwise have a subscription cost, I figured a list of what non-HA stuff people use in their infrastructure and what they do with them would be nice, especially for those that integrate via addons to HA.

For those that are not yet integrated, this might also be an answer to @frenck 's podcast question as to what addons he should build :slight_smile:

Thus, here’s what I’m running so far:

Bitwarden - Lastpass alternative, with the added benefit of easily sharing selected passwords with your friends & family and built-in 2FA code generator (HASS.IO addon already available)

Blue Iris - NVR software, requires Windows and costs 50$, but is easy to set up and gets you up and running immediately with just about any camera in existence. It can also easily be integrated into HASS.IO

DeConz - To be used alongside a Conbee USB stick, rock-solid, easy to set up and makes Zigbee hardware from all manufacturers available to HA without proprietary hubs (HASS.IO addon already available)

ESPHome - manager for ESP32/8266-type hardware, which I found exceedingly useful for obtaining non-buggy access to BLE devices in the house (HASS.IO addon already available)

Grafana - maker of pretty graphs and dashboards for all sensor data (HASS.IO addon already available)

Grocy - still trying to make the time to really use it properly, seems very handy for managing grocery & battery inventory in one’s house, but likely best used with a physical bar-code scanner and weekly, not daily trips to the grocery store (HASS.IO addon already available)

Hass.io Google Drive Backup - handy for keeping the “HA will be gone in case of flood or fire” anxiety away (HASS.IO addon already available)

InfluxDB - the backbone for Grafana’s data input, also a good solution to keep years of sensor data without the ballooning SQLite default database (HASS.IO addon already available)

Mattermost - Slack alternative, great for chatting behind a corporate firewall and with an API available for bots, thus maybe notification support could be added like with Telegram (Docker container available)

Nginx Proxy Manager - great for managing secure web access to all the other addons without port forwarding. I found it particularly useful for those addons for which Ingress support is apparently impossible (HASS.IO addon already available)

Pi-Hole - ad-free browsing & network analytics (HASS.IO addon already available)

Plex - media manager with some unique perks, like showing you the songs from the TV shows or movies in your collection and cross-referencing actors and directors within all your media (HASS.IO addon already available)

Portainer - Docker container manager with web UI, highly useful for Docker newbies like myself (HASS.IO addon already available)

qBittorrent - torrent client & server with web access

Radarr - torrent/newsgroup movie management

Sonarr - torrent/newsgroup TV show management

Tautulli - Plex usage analytics (HASS.IO addon already available)

Unifi - Ubiquiti network hardware manager (HASS.IO addon already available)

Visual Studio Code - this and the Google Drive backup addon have made the need for SMB in HASS.IO go away (HASS.IO addon already available)

WireGuard - modern VPN solution, used alongside Pi-Hole it can offer your mobile devices ad-free browsing and secure LAN access from anywhere (HASS.IO addon already available)

What I’d like to add going forward:

Snipe-IT - IT asset manager, theoretically meant for corporate inventory management, but that could also prove quite handy for all the hardware that builds up in a typical geek’s home

LazyLibrarian - like Sonarr/Radarr, but for ebooks & audiobooks

Confluence - not free, but a one-time 10$ fee for access to a self-hosted 10-user server is pretty reasonable in my opinion, this could prove interesting as a centralized wiki for things like travel itineraries to which the whole family can contribute


In the above, I would highly recommend replacing Pi-hole with AdGuard Home, which is also available as add-on. More lightweight, more feature rich, better integrated with HA, better UI and much more maintained.


using pi-hole AND AdGuard Home (I have one on a pi3 and other on a nuc, and use BOTH as DNS server, 1 and 2 on the general home router) does it make sense, or is useless?

An addon for this, perhaps?


that could be an idea also for NAbu Casa to increase its offering for the 5 $/month plan

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I wish, MONITOR would become an addon, a bit more user friendly as it is now


Totally agreed with MONITOR, I also use it and love it.

Will look into AdGuard, it’s weird how Pi-Hole is still highly popular if this one is so much better…they haven’t got the word out, I guess.

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I used it and it is fantastic, but I found it difficult to maintain (it would break easily), and all the time had to look into which was the cause for my 4 MONITOR instances … it was a LOT of work, I got tired and now I stopped using it.

A SINGLE addon, for multiple devices would be super

Definitively! :+1:
I use callmebot for telegram voice calls and it is a must for my Nabu Casa.

There is an addon for monitor.

I would like to see an ADDON for a messaging service: hosting your own whatsapp/viber/messenger and have really secure chats.

Any advice on which chat service/server to host?

Ohh I missed that.

EDIT: can’t find it

Mattermost in Docker is close enough even now :slight_smile:

cool then I wish a Mattermost addon.

it is mentioned in the long monitor thread, quite recently.

lasted few days …

What does that even mean?

The addon is offline, not to be found

I dont think I’m running much different, but I’m always on the lookout for new stuff to self-host.

I need to sort out some backup stuff, I’ve been using duplicati but I can’t say I’m a fan

Well why didn’t you say so, instead of three words that do not make sense.

Also it was pretty easy to find that it does still exist. His github account is still active, and using a web browser from that dead link finds it in one url edit from https://github.com/Limych/addon-presence-monitor/blob/develop/presence-monitor/README.md to https://github.com/Limych/hassio-addons